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    Dance Along Nutcracker’s History

    The Early Years


    Dance-Along Nutcracker at the Gift Center Pavilion. 3-act concert with cocktails: Act I: Christmas music, Act 2: City Swing with Gail Wilson debuts, Act 3: Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite with audience dancing and a feature routine by the SF Tap Troupe. José Sarria emcees as the Sugar Plum Fairy.


    Dance-Along Nutcracker Tropicana Christmas at Theater Artaud: The show is staged as an I Love Lucy episode, starring Marga Gomez as Ricky and Gail Wilson as Lucy. Performances by the SF Tap Troupe and the original Vocal Minority chorus.


    Dance-Along Nutcracker revived as part of the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band’s Community Concert Series at Bethany United Methodist Church. Act 1: Christmas Concert. Act 2: Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite with audience dancing. Good Morning, America features the show in its Christmas segment.


    Dance-Along Nutcracker performed at Bethany United Methodist Church and in Santa Rosa.


    Dance-Along Nutcracker moves to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum. José Sarria reprises his appearance as Sugar Plum Fairy. Cheer San Francisco as toy soldiers. Marga Gomez performs an LGBT adaptation of Peter & the Wolf.

    Musical Revue/Vaudeville-Style Show


    Wanted: Nuts! AD/Conductor Jadine Louie changes show format to intersperse feature numbers with Dance-Along segments. José Sarria sings highlights from Carmen a la his famous Black Cat days. Gail Wilson sings “Santa Baby.” Ed Boeke twirls baton to “Jingle Bells Forever.”


    No Toe Shoes Required: Carolyn Carvajal and Corinne Levy jitterbug with Dance Through Time troupe.


    Fantasia Features: Cheer SF dances as Hershey’s Kisses to Swan Lake. Carolyn Carvajal choreographs DAN for the first time. Carvajal and Corinne Levy perform Dudley Brooks’ “Stumpy the Tiny Ballerina.” Trauma Flintstone (aka Joe Wicht) sings “Hannukah in Santa Monica.”


    Into Outer Space. Kate Botello plays an intergalactic Dorothy a la Judy Garland. Dancer Dudley Brooks, Cheer SF. Carolyn Carvajal choreographs feature dancers, including Dudley Brooks and Cheer SF. Carvajal and Brooks perform “Stumpy (the tiny dancer) in Space.”


    (Untitled) Circus theme. Carolyn Carvajal choreographs dance company. Tom Sellars, the accordion playing roller skater. Selena Carvajal (Tony-Award Winner Lena Hall) and Calliope Carvajal sing “Sisters” from Holiday Inn. John Carman stilt walks.


    The Musicals. Music from Cabaret, Chorus Line, etc. Carolyn Carvajal choreographs. Calliope Carvajal, Tom Sellars, Ed Boeke on vocals.


    Around the World. Kim Larsen (Phlileas Fogg), Steven McKearney (Passepartout). Featured a Balinese-style puppet show by Janaki Ranpura and I Made Moja.


    Storybook Characters: Joe Wicht, Mark Sergeant, Buddy Symes sing as Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf, Red Ridinghood and Grandmother. Carolyn Carvajal choreographs.


    The Movies. Film soundtrack music includes numbers from Gypsy, JC Superstar, Sound of Music. Carolyn Carvajal choreographs dancers, including a silent-film-style melodrama dance.

    Clara’s Story Retold


    Dance-Along Nutcracker: Clarified! Gail Wilson (Clara) reveals true story of the Nutcracker. Carolyn Carvajal choreographs dance company, including Corinne Levy, Juan Crovatto and tap dancing reindeer.


    Dance-Along Nutcracker: Ratified! Joe Wicht (Ratsky) tells the rats’ side of the story. Carolyn Carvajal choreographs Corrinne Levy (Clara) and Ratside Story Rat dancers.


    Bah Humbug! Joe Wicht (Drosselmeyer) and Donna Sachet (Ghosts of Marley, Past, Present, Future). Tom Sellars (roller-skating demon). Carolyn Carvajal choreographer.



    Blazing Nutcrackers! Leigh Crow (Clara McCoy), Joe Wicht (Cavalry Nutcracker), Bruce Sinor, Jonathan Goldman, Sally Canjura-Clayton (the Ratfields). Carolyn Carvajal choreographer.


    Dance-Along Nutcracker At Sea! Feature performances by Lia Metz and Leigh Crow. Carolyn Carvajal choreographs dancers Corinne Levy, Juan Crovatto and feature dance company.


    Clara’s Magical Mystery Tour: Lia Metz (Clara), Flynn DeMarco (Sgt. Lemon Pepper Nutcracker), Leigh Crow (Rat King). Carolyn Carvajal choreographs Corinne Levy, Juan Crovatto and feature dance troupe.


    Dance-Along Nutcracker Goes Hollywood: William Sauerland (Fritz), Rachel Carson (Clara), Mark Eichhorn (David O’Ratnick), Bruce Sinor (Golden Nutcracker).


    Nutcrackers of the Caribbean. Joe Wicht (Captain Jack Drosselmeyer), Ruby Vixen (Queen Ratannia), Ruby (Clara), Jack(Fritz), Flynn DeMarco (Emperor Norton, etc.). Lesbian/Gay Chorus of SF.


    Frosty’s Hawaiian Holiday. Zelda Koznofski (Clara), Noah Haydon (Fritz), Flynn DeMarco (Father) and Kathy Hennig (Mother), the Merry Ukeladies and the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of SF. Carolyn Carvajal choreographs.


    The Nutcracker of Oz. Donna Sachet (Wicked Witch of the West), Zelda Koznofski (Clara), Flynn DeMarco (Scarecrow), Joe Wicht (Cowardly Lion), Noah Haydon (Tinman), Leigh Crow (Wizard) and Ruby Vixen (Glinda) and the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of SF. Choreographer Marilyn Fowler.