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    Pages from NEW BT 2.5.15 pp1-28 issu“Kiss for the Bay Times” Is Our Valentine to You

    Think about it: lips were meant for kissing. They are soft, sensual and fit so well with those of another. What could be more natural? And yet when LGBT couples lock lips, homophobes the world over can’t seem to handle it. For example, there was a public outcry when football player Michael Sam joyously kissed his now husband when he learned that he’d been drafted into the NFL. In stores, taxicabs, restaurants and other locations around the world, LGBT couples have been kicked out for even the slightest smooch.

    To combat such negative energy around such a beautiful, natural act, we bring to you our “Kiss for the Bay Times” photo exhibit this Valentine’s Day. It represents the first San Francisco Bay Times exhibit, and has been a long time in the making. We first told you about it last June, when several of our talented photographers took to the streets of San Francisco during Pride to capture images of couples kissing.

    The diversity astounded us. We found friends playfully sharing group kisses. Some amorous couples couldn’t stop! People with pets gave their furry friends an affectionate peck. One kiss was so powerful that it even knocked a guy’s hat off.

    Perhaps you were snapped by our photographers? Find out, or see those who were, at our exhibit launch party this Valentine’s Day. To match the mood (and because we love this cozy spot), it will be held at Sweet Inspiration in the Castro from 4–7pm. There is no cost to attend. Romantic music will greet you, and you can sample some of Sweet Inspiration’s delish desserts and other fare too. If you’re single, who knows? You might meet that special someone. Couples could stop by on their way to a dinner-for-two. The point is…all are welcome!

    If you cannot make it to the launch party, the exhibit will remain at Sweet Inspiration through the month of February. We look forward to seeing you, and hope that the exhibit will inspire you to “Kiss for the Bay Times” for love, for friendship and with pride.