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    GGBA Member Spotlight: Collaboration Business Consulting

    Collaboration Business Consulting, a certified LGBT Business Enterprise, aims to inspire, educate and empower proactive leaders to achieve breakthrough performance. The company works with CEOs, company executives, leaders and influencers in a variety of industries, including technology, specialty manufacturing, large scale construction and software development.

    We interviewed Michael Gunther, founder of Collaboration Business Consulting. He is a self-defined “born entrepreneur with a knack for identifying issues that prevent organizations from growing” who has recently joined the GGBA as a Board Member.

    Read the interview below for some very insightful thoughts and tips.

    GGBA: Please tell us about your business, its mission and values as well what makes you different.

    Michael Gunther: Our mission at Collaboration Business Consulting is to inspire, educate and empower proactive leaders to achieve breakthrough performance. Our firm aids businesses in embedding scalable management and accountability structures while accelerating financial growth, with the average client reaching a 322% three-year growth in revenue. We create and execute customized strategies to boost profits and to build a sustainable business, and develop management infrastructure and growth strategies to reach financial and sales goals.

    GGBA: Why did you decide to create your business?

    Michael Gunther: Collaboration Business Consulting was created to impact the lives of entrepreneurs, giving them the tools that they need to succeed in making their vision a reality. Strengthening the community is my core ambition in life and I viewed starting a business consulting firm as a way to support others. I find great joy in sharing my entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge with others. It’s satisfying to see our clients develop their businesses and themselves, in turn, igniting the local economy and producing a new generation of leaders dedicated to achieving their full potential.

    GGBA: Do you have any specific policies in place that benefit the LGBT Community?

    Michael Gunther: As a company managed by an LGBTQ leader, along with a team of LGBTQ allies, we are dedicated to reinforcing diversity, inclusivity and equality—both in the workplace and in our communities as a whole. We support LGBTQ businesses in their growth and strive to give all of our clients the tools that they need to be authentic. Our company’s culture is based on inclusion—our team and our client roster all exemplify diversification in gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.

    GGBA: How did you hear about the GGGBA and why did you decide to join?

    Michael Gunther: I learned about GGBA through our work with PG&E. I wanted to become a GGBA member to support our community and the work GGBA does for advocacy on behalf of the LGBTQ business community.

    GGBA: Has being an LGBT entrepreneur affected your business’ path? If yes, how?

    Michael Gunther: I’ve found that being authentic and being myself have allowed me to be a more effective leader. As an LGBT entrepreneur, I am choosy about whom I might do business with, to ensure our values align. I enjoy focusing on supporting other LGBTQ businesses and start-ups. GGBA: How has the GGBA helped your business so far?

    Michael Gunther: I have developed sincere connections through GGBA and have taken advantage of the myriad of educational opportunities the organization provides.

    GGBA: How has the LGBTBE certification helped your business?

    Michael Gunther: As a valued member of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, we have been exposed to new opportunities through an expanded marketplace and exposure to larger organizations.

    GGBA: What has been your biggest reward/satisfaction during your journey as an entrepreneur? And what has been your biggest disappointment or most nerve-wracking situation?

    Michael Gunther: I am thrilled to see my clients and team members achieve breakthrough performance, both personally and professionally.  I have a knack for identifying issues that prevent organizations from growing and our team helps to build impactful, purposeful and authentic collaborations that result in sustainable and scalable businesses. When the recession hit, every business had to reevaluate. I am proud that we can consider ourselves Recession Warriors, as we reshaped and redefined our business and that of our clients to withstand economic downturns.

    GGBA: What’s the most important lesson you learned being an entrepreneur?

    Michael Gunther: Everything we do in business is based on building trusting relationships with our team, our network and our clients. Entrepreneurs must persevere in their pursuits, but also allow for flexibility and the ability to change plans as necessary. It’s important for every entrepreneur to find their “Why.” Why are you starting a business? What will you achieve? This gives a solid base to build upon as the business develops.

    GGBA: What advice would you give someone who is thinking of starting their own business?

    Michael Gunther: Do it! But first get clear on your purpose beyond making money. Money is just an output. Instead, take time to understand your personal drive for creating a new business. Then, lean on that drive as it will grow during the good times and will boost you up during the challenging times.

    GGBA: Is there anything else that you would like to share?

    Michael Gunther: No successful business is developed alone. Be sure to build solid, genuine relationships with people and use the resources offered by them. Above all, enjoy the journey and have fun. This is your dream, so be sure to capture it!

    For more information and to contact Michael and his team, visit:


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