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    Jane Lynch Talks About Her New Solo Concert Debut, and What She’s Craving from SF

    jane4Just thinking about Jane Lynch makes us smile. From the first time we saw her in Christopher Guest’s hilarious mockumentary films to her ridiculously villainous Sue Sylvester character in Glee, we were hooked. When you see that Lynch is going to be in a project, you know it’s going to be good. Her intelligence and complete control of her roles always are evident, as is that mischievous glint in her eyes. The fact that she’s an out lesbian who has done great work for charities such as The Trevor Project and PETA only sweetens the deal for us.

    We were thrilled to hear that she is planning a national tour, “See Jane Sing.” More than a dash of wit is expected, as Lynch explores her love of the beauty and absurdity of the American standard show tune in this new solo concert debut. The tour is now underway, and Lynch will be performing in San Francisco on May 9 at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. Her schedule is crazy busy, as you might imagine, but she thoughtfully took a break for an interview with the San Francisco Bay Times.

    San Francisco Bay Times: The show sounds incredible! Please share a few words about some of the songs, and why you selected them for your solo concert debut.

    janeJane Lynch: It’s quite a variety of musical styles. We have some jazzy songs, reimagined Broadway tunes, some ditties from my youth, and a love song medley that points to the futility of romantic relationships! I’m joined by my good friend Kate Flannery (Meredith from The Office) and Tim Davis (vocal arranger in Glee, great crooner) and we do some really tight 3-part harmonies. I’m backed by the amazing Tony Guerro quintet, and I’m so proud and in love with this show musically. I will hopefully be providing some hilarious patter. It’s a fast paced and energetic hour and a half that just flies by. You won’t know what hit ya. You will be smiling your face off just like we are after all is said and sung.

    San Francisco Bay Times: Who are some of your own favorite cabaret singers, and how have they inspired and influenced your work?

    Jane Lynch: Carol Burnett to me is the ultimate performer, the whole package. Hilarious and musical. Though her name is the name of the show, it’s an ensemble piece and she magnanimously allows everyone to shine. I see that as my job in this show, and you’ll be thrilled with Kate and Tim and the band because as I always say, of myself I am nothing!

    San Francisco Bay Times: We’ve loved seeing you here in San Francisco before, such as at the National Center for Lesbian Rights gala event. What are some of your favorite things to do, and places to go, in SF? 

    jane3Jane Lynch: I usually stay in the Castro with friends. I love Philz Coffee and always go there first thing.

    San Francisco Bay Times: Please mention any other new/upcoming projects, or anything else that you’d like our readers to know.

    Jane Lynch: I just finished a pilot for CBS called Angel From Hell and fingers crossed we go to series. I’ll continue touring with See Jane Sing throughout the year.

    For more information on “See Jane Sing” and to buy tickets, please go to