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    Josh Klipp and Emily Day of the Klipptones

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    The Klipptones are San Francisco’s hottest new crossover band, playing Sinatra-era standards mashed up with pop classics. They are currently the historic Palace Hotel’s resident band, playing every Friday night. They’ve also been featured at the Fillmore Jazz Festival, Union Square’s “Jewels in the Square,” Brick and Mortar, and San Francisco Pride’s 2013 VIP Party at City Hall. The Klipptones’ two lead singers, Josh Klipp and Emily Day, sat down and interviewed each other for the Bay Times.

    Josh Klipp: How many degrees in music do you have?

    Emily Day: I have 2 degrees in music – BFA in Jazz Performance and an MA in Popular Music Studies. I also possess a degree in Mixology just to give my parents some peace of mind in this crazy economy.

    JK: And in your very educated, professional opinion, what’s the best band in the Bay Area? Hint: The Klipptones.

    ED: In the world of academia, making value judgments can come off as seeming uninformed. But in the case of the Klipptones, I have actually gone into the field and conducted research on the subject. And although the results of the study are still awaiting peer review and publication, I can confirm the findings: The Klipptones are, objectively, the best band in the Bay Area.

    JK: Well stated Professor Day. How are the Klipptones different from other bands?

    ED: We have 2, count ‘em, 2 singers. We can’t decide which kind of music we love more- jazz or pop- so we “Frankenstein” them together until it satisfies our musical itch. The result can be hysterical, or poignant, or downright fun.

    JK: Mostly fun. And why do you answer my onstage banter questions with improvised scat solos?

    ED: Scatting is my first language. I’m trying to teach it to you by immersing you in it. The answers are all there.

    JK: Really? Because it sounds like you’re making it up on the spot… Anyway, why was being a Klipptone your childhood dream? And now that you’ve achieved it, what’s next?

    ED: I always had a predilection for fake eyelashes and kitten heels. I knew some day I’d make a living with them, I just didn’t know how. And what’s next? The circus, but come to think of it, that may be a step backwards. But hey, why do you get to ask all the questions? It’s my turn!

    JK: Ok, go.

    ED: Please state your name and height.

    JK:  Josh Klipp, 5’7” in heels.

    ED: There are a lot of bands that perform for swing dancers. What makes the Klipptones a different, or better, dancing experience?

    JK: Despite the image you have of me prancing about onstage in my suit, tie, and well-polished shoes, I used to be a half-dressed sweaty go-go dancer at 177 Townsend. Why are you laughing? (Furrows brow). Anyhow, I am well versed in encouraging people to get up and dance. I do hip-hop as well, and so does our sax player, Jeremy. He also does swing. We can’t help but bring this energy and sensibility to our music. We’re working on bringing out the dancer in you too, I might add. I’ve asked the Palace to build you a go-go box.

    ED: Yay?! Where did you learn how to play air guitar so well?

    JK: Tom Cruise.

    ED: Why do you pantomime to the songs I sing?

    JK: To help you remember the words and distract the audience when you forget.

    ED:  Can you recall how we met? And please mention the first gig you asked me to join.

    JK: I walked into the Berkeley Jazzschool where you were teaching a course on the life and music of Ella Fitzgerald. And we couldn’t stop staring at each other’s huge smiles. The class was awesome; you were awesome – and new in town. I wanted to help you score some awesome gigs. So I invited you to sit in at my next gig, which was the Condor Club. Which is a strip joint in North Beach. There’s a pole in the middle of the bandstand.  You emphatically answered yes.

    ED: You had me at “pole.” Finally, what do you do between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday through

    JK:  Everything else.

    The Klipptones play the Palace Hotel’s Pied Piper, 2 New Montgomery, every Friday 8pm-midnight. For info visit