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    Meet Shane Glacken, VP & Branch Manager Bank of the West, Castro District Office

    Shane Glacken, Vice President and Castro Branch Manager of Bank of the West, joined the bank last year. With seven years of financial services experience in California and Nevada, Shane has expertise in personal banking and team management. He brings to the new Castro branch an enthusiasm for customer service and problem solving that supports the needs of the community. He’s a Renaissance man too, whom you might spot at the Castro Theater or walking his dog. We hope that you will “Go West!” as the bank suggests, and meet him in person. We did just that recently.

    Bay Times: How did you decide to make the move from your hometown, Reno, NV, to San Francisco? When did you move here and what was it like to find yourself in a new city?

    Shane Glacken: Reno was a great place to grow up. Tahoe was my backyard and there was always something to do, no matter the season. After many visits, I realized that San Francisco would be a great place to live and I moved here in May of 2011. The move was challenging at first, because I only knew one person in the area, but at the same time it was a great experience getting to know new people and building a life in a new city.

    Bay Times: What do you enjoy most about living in San Francisco? Do you have any recommendations for friends who come here to visit for the first time?

    Shane Glacken: Like the Reno area, there is always something to do in San Francisco. On any given day, I find myself checking out new culinary haunts with friends, or catching a show at the Castro Theatre. I take visitors to as many neighborhoods in the city as time permits. I think it is important for people to see the diversity and richness of the different neighborhoods that make up San Francisco.

    Bay Times: Tell us about your career in the banking industry and how you became interested in this field.

    Shane Glacken: I started my career in banking as a teller. My college roommate worked as a teller and really enjoyed it, so I decided to give it a try as well. I loved being a teller and the experience of working with people in the community. After six months, I knew that I wanted a career in banking. At the time, I had a great branch manager who helped me learn and understand the business of banking, and I have been in a number of branch roles since.

    Bay Times: What has it been like introducing the new Castro Branch of Bank of the West? When did you learn you would be moving to the branch, and how involved were you in its opening?

    Shane Glacken: Introducing the new branch has been a very rewarding experience. A big component of being a branch manager is getting to know, and being involved in, the community. It’s even more special because I live here. The Castro is my home. Now that I also work here, I’ve gotten to know the community even better. It also helped that the community and merchant associations have been so welcoming.