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    Passion Fatigue, Digital Detox

    By David Perry–

    I’m exhausted. I admit it. Plus, most everyone I know is exhausted too. The nonstop “hive brain” of social media, the tweets too tart, the Facebooks too far, the TV ad infinitum: Instagram Instagram Instagram. It’s all just too, too much.

    I remember reading as a child that the average human only uses 10 % of his brain—even geniuses. That said, even if I approached that benchmark, my unused 90–95% is bone tired and the minority in use even more so. Like the android Data in Star Trek, if only I had an off switch.

    I love the power and beauty of words: the passions they express and the wisdoms to which they aspire. Lately, however, I have fallen into the trap of (as the Emperor says to Mozart in the film Amadeus) “too many notes.” Too many words. Too many opinions. Too many outrages about which to be outraged. I’m worded out. Politics. Urban issues. “HIM” (you know…). It’s all just “too many notes.” How I long for just 30 minutes—like that scene in The Day the Earth Stood Still—when everything and everyone everywhere just stops.

    And so, I am stopping for a while. I am tired of opining and opining about opining. I’ve hit my own self-constructed sparkle wall of “too many notes.”

    I think I’ll read a few books that don’t need a plug. Listen to music that doesn’t require downloading. Take in some advice from people I like vs. those I “like!” Putter more and Twitter less. Eschew Facebook for more Face-to-Face. Texts vs. texting. Write not writhe.

    I am a man of deep feelings and high ideals. I often make mistakes. That will never change. However, for a few months, you won’t have to hear me talk about it.

    Lucky me.

    Luckier you.

    My digital detox begins.

    David Perry is the CEO and Founder of David Perry & Associates, Inc. (