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    Pet Camp Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Renovation and Renewed Commitment to San Francisco’s Bayview Neighborhood

    Longstanding Bayview pet daycare and boarding facility, Pet Camp, is proud to announce the unveiling of the Bay Area’s largest new indoor/outdoor play space, called “The Meadow.” The Meadow features a retractable roof, state-of-the-art turf that provides a soft, safe surface for dogs to play on, and more. Since Pet Camp opened in 1997, they have seen over 750,000 dogs come through the door.

    “About three years ago, we started to think about the need to make some significant changes to the Main Campground. Some of the changes were necessitated by the basic wear and tear that 100-plus dogs place on a building over the years,” said Mark Klaiman, owner and founder of Pet Camp. “We understood that we had to address these issues, and we did, but we wanted to do more. Our Pet Camp Meadow is the more.”

    The new space measures 3,300 square feet, with half of The Meadow under a retractable glass roof that measures 96 feet by 15 feet. The center of the roof opens so the over 100 campers that Pet Camp cares for per day can play rain or shine.

    “Our goal was to create a one-of-a-kind indoor/outdoor dog park,” Klaiman continued. “It has fresh air and sunshine but also protects our clients’ pets from bad weather.”

    The Meadow also supports Mark and Virginia’s commitment to philanthropy and charitable giving. By working with organizations in San Francisco, including San Francisco Aid for Animals, San Francisco Animal Care and Control, and San Francisco SPCA, Pet Camp hopes The Meadow will be a haven for nonprofits to use for dog-friendly events and fundraisers. To date, Pet Camp has donated over $500,000 to many charitable organizations.

    “The Bayview is our home, not just where our business is located,” Klaiman added. “We will continue to do everything we can to improve, support, and enrich this vibrant community that has embraced us for over 20 years.”

    Pet Camp celebrated The Meadow’s official unveiling on Tuesday, September 17. For more information, please visit: