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    Sister Dana sez, “Dozens of states are passing outrageous voter access laws that are rooted in racism.”

    Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun–

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Sister Dana sez, “Dozens of states are passing outrageous voter access laws that are rooted in racism. These laws discriminate against Black, Brown, and Native communities the most. Without federal regulation and oversight, states will continue to pass laws that limit voting access in these communities. This is why we must act now to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act swiftly and urgently!”

    The One-Year Anniversary LOCKDOWN COMEDY SHOW on July 15 virtually featured five hilarious comedians: EssEff’s fabulous Marga GomezShazia Mirza (from London), Jim Short (Australia), and show producer for over a year, Lisa Geduldig (from SF, but was locked down in a Florida senior compound with her comical mother Arline). Since it was a party, we remained on our screens to dance and celebrate the anniversary. Lockdown Comedy continues its Zoom show on August 19 with an all-star line-up: Jason Stuart (LA), Vijai Nathan (Washington, D.C.), Dan St Paul (SF), Lisa Geduldig (back in SF after a year plus locked in the aforementioned compound), and, of course, Arline.

    POSE” star Mj Rodriguez (as Blanca) has made history as the first transgender actor to be nominated for an Emmy Award in a lead acting category. However, a recent GLAAD report has revealed that the film industry still has much work to do when it comes to transgender representation. GLAAD found that there have been zero transgender characters represented in major Hollywood movies in the last four years.

    From the Academy Award-winning writing team behind BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (Diana Ossana & Larry McMurtry) and Academy Award nominee Mark WahlbergJOE BELL tells the deeply touching and emotional true story of an Oregonian father who embarks on a walk across America for his teenage gay son to share his soul with heartland citizens about the real and horrifying costs of bullying. The following is a spoiler of the big reveal, so if you want to be surprised, don’t click this:

    San Francisco and the LGBTQ community has lost a legendary activist with the passing of educator and legend Sally Miller Gearhart on July 14. She was a prominent activist in San Francisco during the 70s and 80s. She was also a tenured professor of women’s and genders studies at SF State, one of the first in the country. She served as an early and vocal ally to Supervisor Harvey Milk. They both worked to successfully defeat Prop. 6, the Briggs Initiative, which would have barred lesbian and gay people from being teachers, if passed. (See pages 1–4 of this issue for more about Gearhart.)

    On July 16, Their Most Imperial Majesties Emperor Mr. David Glamamore and Empress Juanita MORE! held the INVESTITURE of 2021 at Oasis bar. The New Monarchs crowned two members of the community as Imperial Crown Prince and Imperial Crown Princess. These prestigious honorees are second in line to His Most and Her Most in fulfilling the responsibilities of the Emperor and Empress. Congratulations to Princess Countess Katya Smirnoff-Skyy and Prince of the Purple Reign Traci Ross. Second in line are Second Princess Nicki Jizz and Second Prince Tito Soto. Welcome all to the Kingdom!

    Nashville PREDATORS hockey player Luke Prokop celebrated his new contract with the NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE by coming out of the closet as a gay man. No NHL player, active or retired, has ever done so before. Welcome to OUR team, Luke!

    You absolutely must enjoy the premiere of THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRAWFORD written by comic genius Michael Phillis. What if Joan Crawford was the femme fatale of your favorite 80s movies like Basic Instinct, Fatal AttractionSingle White Female, and other thrillers? Find out with this stellar cast that includes Matthew Martin (flawlessly as Mommie Dearest herself), Michael Phillis (as handsome leading man Michael Douglas), Katya Smirnoff-Skyy, Sara Moore, and Steven Lemay. The hand that rocks the Crawford is the hand that rules the world! And be sure to scream at the appropriate time: “NO WIRE HANGERS!” Thursdays–Saturdays, 7 pm through August 7 at Oasis, 298 11th Street.

    THE JOKE, originally recorded by Grammy winner Brandi Carlile, “is a song for people that feel under-represented, unloved or illegal,” the singer said. Lyrically, the song uplifts people who struggle to fit the molds made for them by modern society. Performed by members of the SAN FRANCISCO GAY MEN’S CHORUS, this song beautifully conveys the invaluable message of being your most authentic self.

    Sister Dana sez, “No thanks to the richy-rich Repugnicans who want to take over California, the stupid September 14 Recall Election will cost us taxpayers over $276 million. They did this way back in 2003 replacing great Governor Gray Davis with awful Arnold!”

    A message from Lisa Middleton, Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem: ” I am the first transgender person elected to political office in California. And I wanted to share my thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner’s run for governor: No one wants to see a transgender governor of California more than me. But Caitlyn Jenner is simply not the right candidate. Caitlyn’s support for Donald Trump tells you everything you need to know about her judgment. We simply cannot elect another reality TV star who cares more about fame and money than the civil rights, healthcare and the safety and security of her own community.”

    Currently, GLAAD counts at least 65 moves that “affect LGBTQ people and rights,” with all of them having positive effects for LGBTQ people—especially in contrast to the nearly 200 anti-LGBTQ actions that they counted over the four years of the Trump-Pence administration.

    THE HAIGHT STREET ART CENTER (HSAC) is proud to present QUEER VISIONS, an ongoing exhibition that brings together LGBTQ+ artists and institutions to explore the role of nightlife in the creation of queer community in San Francisco as well as the importance of chosen families and genealogies in the shaping of individual queer identities. Including the STUD ARCHIVE, the exhibition looks at iconic taverns and gathering places in San Francisco that have provided haven and joy for the LGBTQ+ community since the 1960s, as well as work by young queer artists considering the role of their queer families and role models in their sense of self. There are also posters from the old Palace Theatre portraying such icons as Sylvester, Divine, and The Cockettes. I was honored as a nun to give a combination exorcism and blessing at their grand opening, along with my backup team of Sister Plush Lovebud & Sister Gendra Euphoria. Visit free 215 Haight Street, Thursdays 12–8 pm, Fridays through Sundays 12–6 pm.

    Sister Dana sez, “The Republican ‘audit’ in Arizona was a disaster, so of course Pennsylvania wants to do one. Who’s next in crazy audit-land? Texas?! Sorry, clueless ones, but Biden won wholeheartedly!”

    Two LGBTQ appointees of President Joe Biden’s were confirmed by the Senate on July 22 and will soon take their respective posts in the Department of Defense (DoD). Shawn Skelly, appointed to become the Assistant Secretary for Readiness, is the second out transgender person ever confirmed by the Senate after Dr. Rachel Levine in March. Gina Ortiz Jones, an out lesbian and Iraq War veteran who ran for Congress twice, will become the first woman of color to serve as the Under Secretary of the Air Force.

    In the latest installment of their “QUEERIOSITY CORNER” program series, GLBT HISTORICAL SOCIETY museum registrar and curatorial specialist Ramón Silvestre and reference archivist Isaac Fellman will present some of the most purely fun pieces in the Art and Artifacts Collection: a set of LGBTQ board games from the 1970s and 1980s. Whimsical, satirical, and risqué, the games to be shown include a rare “Gay Monopoly” set and the tongue-in-cheek “Twinkees and Trolls.” It’s Gayme Time beginning 6 pm, August 6.

    Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, GRASS ROOTS GAY RIGHTS FOUNDATION (GRGRF) will again produce the annual REAL BAD fundraising party that follows San Francisco’s world-renowned FOLSOM STREET FAIR on Sunday, September 26, at 1015 Folsom. GRGRF announced that it will donate 100 percent of the general admission ticket price to the historically sold-out event. Last year, GRGRF raised $20,000 during the pandemic and has raised over $3.27 million over the years. This year’s beneficiaries are SF GAY MEN’S CHORUS and SOLANO PRIDE CENTER.

    The FRIENDS OF HARVEY MILK PLAZA (FHMP) released preliminary designs for the redo of Castro’s Harvey Milk Plaza during a recent virtual public meeting. (They were first revealed in one of the Bay Times’ Pride issues, published on June 24.) Design features include an expanded plaza area, a candlelight vigil light display, a pink glass canopy over the stairway and elevator, and an oculus light well. Other prominent areas will include “The Pedestal,” an elevated platform at the intersection of Castro and Market streets; “The Beacon,” a digital display on the new elevator; “The Grove,” a memorial tree grove close to Collingwood; and “The Gallery,” an art display on the Castro Muni station mezzanine level. The new design being shared is preliminary and FHMP will continue to seek input from the community. FHMP anticipates the design being finalized this year and construction starting in Summer 2022.

    Senator Scott Wiener has obtained $2 million in the State’s budget for MISSION FOOD HUB and MEALS ON WHEELS

    SAN FRANCISCO, along with funding and changes in the law to revamp the Calfresh application process to make it easier and more accessible for seniors and those with disabilities.

    Sister Dana sez, “It seems obvious, but let me emphasize that Stacey Abrams and not Donald T-Rump should receive the Nobel Peace Prize!”

    Published in July 29, 2021