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    Sister Dana sez, “The honeymoon in Helsinki with Putin’s puppet aka Traitor Trump has shown just how willing the presi-dense is to sell out America and its foundations, its institutions, its allies, and most of the press—even calling the fourth estate ‘an enemy of the state.’ “

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Sister Dana sez, “The honeymoon in Helsinki with Putin’s puppet aka Traitor Trump has shown just how willing the presi-dense is to sell out America and its foundations, its institutions, its allies, and most of the press—even calling the fourth estate ‘an enemy of the state.’ When are we going to impeach and remove this dangerous disastrous dictator?! But I ‘would/wouldn’t’ not hold my breath.”

    HARVEY MILK LGBTQ DEMOCRATIC CLUB celebrated its 42ND ANNUAL GAYLA in the Mission’s Gray Area Theater on July 19 in honor of former Milk Club Board Member Jazzie Collins (1958–2013). Jazzie volunteered at Senior and Disability Action and served as Vice Chair of San Francisco’s LGBT Aging Policy Taskforce at the time of her death. She also served on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Trans March for five years and was active with the Community United Against Violence. So, in that spirit, all of the Milk Club awardees were transgender activists. Opening the ceremonies was performer extraordinaire Pearl Teese dancing and lip-synching to the rousing “This Is Me” from the movie musical, The Greatest Showman. Milk Club Presidents Honey Mahogany & Carolina Morales addressed the attendees, noting that within the past year and a half, the U.S. president has been attacking trans people nationally by withdrawing non-discrimination protections for trans students, banning trans folks from serving in the military, encouraging discrimination against trans people on the basis of religious belief, and by housing trans folks in federal prisons based on their sex assigned at birth. Despite some amazing local leaders and organizations, trans people in this City and around the country experience higher levels of poverty, greater homelessness, additional barriers to healthcare, higher rates of violence and shorter life-spans as compared to the overall population.

    Receiving the Eileen Hansen Social Justice Hero Award was City College of San Francisco’s Chosen Name Task Force; receiving the Howard Wallace Labor Leadership Award was Kung Feng. The Jazzy Collins Award went to Mia Satya. The Sylvester Pride in the Arts Award was given to Fresh Meat Productions. The Hank Wilson Activist Award was accepted by El/La Para TransLatinas. The Bayard Rustin Civil Rights Achievement Award was accepted by Janetta Johnson. And accepting the In His Footsteps Award was Jennicet Gutiérrez, Transgender & Immigrant Rights Activist & Founding Member of FAMILIA: TQLM (Trans Queer Liberation Movement). Gutiérrez is a transgender Mexican activist best known for exposing the plight of transgender women in immigration detention centers through her organization FAMILIA: TQLM. She believes in uplifting the voices of trans women of color through racial justice work, and she is committed to ending the deportation, incarceration and criminalization of immigrants and communities of color. “The leaders we are honoring this year are doing everything they can to improve this situation,” said Gutierrez. “So, join us in honoring their work. And, who knows? Maybe you will meet some future trans elected officials!” She held an impressive moment of complete silence in honor of the transgendered women who were murdered that year.

    ACADEMY OF FRIENDS, the Oscar-loving fundraising organization, has evolved over the past 39 years. Soon after the onset of the HIV epidemic, they dedicated themselves to the mission of easing the burden of the disease through fun and fundraising for direct care. The agencies they support provide direct care, education, and support for those at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS—from policy and advocacy to prevention and treatment to youth and senior services, Academy of Friends has been on the front lines. As the pandemic grew, thus did their scope; to help “ … where the need is greatest, until the crisis has passed.” It has changed, but it is not over. They have raised over $8.9 million in support of more than 73 HIV/AIDS service organizations in the Bay Area. Academy of Friends held a check-distribution party on July 18 at Cambria Gallery to present Bay Area HIV/AIDS agencies with the money raised over the past year and their annual Oscar Night Gala. They honored their many volunteers from the board, community, and beneficiary agencies.

    We cheered on the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS (versus Oakland A’s) with the KREWE DE KINQUE Mardi Gras club at The Edge bar in the Castro, hosted by KDK Members Gary Virginia & Omar Kubian on July 21. The tailgate pep rally started at 4 pm with an optional $10 Bottomless Beer & Soda Bust including a plate of picnic goodies (hot dogs, baked beans, mac n cheese) until 7 pm. We had lots of fun raffle prizes including SF Giants memorabilia, wine, vodka, Jell-O Shots & Edge Drink Specials. And we enjoyed live entertainment with a great show by exquisite drag queens Donna Sachet, Kelly Rose, and Cadillac Barbie earning heavy tips for our fundraiser. Proceeds went to Krewe de Kinque’s BAL MASQUE XVI charity fund.

    Sister Dana sez, “It’s been a difficult month politically and emotionally, but if we don’t get out and see what our community has to offer, the terrorists win. Especially the worst terrorist of all: traitorous Trump! So, check out these upcoming events and participate!”

    AGE, SURVIVE AND THRIVE: Drawings and Poems Created by Long-Term Survivors with HIV/AIDS (and those affected by the epidemic in San Francisco) has its opening night reception, Thursday, July 26, 5–9 pm at Shanti Mission PAWS office: 3170 23rd Street, between Folsom & South Van Ness. The exhibition closes on Wednesday, September 12. They are creating their joyously moving event AGAIN! Join them for poetry and visual art works that honor the past, present and future of these courageous BODYSCAPES artists who are members of HONORING OUR EXPERIENCE (HOE). They lived through the stigma, the judgment and the terror of the epidemic and the medical breakthrough! Now, they tell their stories of living for over 30+ years positive on their new journey—aging with HIV.

    Tickets are now on sale for LEFT COAST THEATRE CO.’s world-premiere production of COME HERE OFTEN?, by LCTC Company members Erica Andracchio, Terry Maloney Haley, Neil Higgins, Rita Long, and Chris Maltby and directed by Chris Maltby. You can’t live in the past. But if you don’t remember the past, you’re doomed to repeat it. What’s a minority community to do? With the world premiere of “Come Here Often?” Left Coast Theatre Co. tackles that question with the dedication of a gay man trying to get backstage at a Joe Jonas concert. The event will celebrate the fags, dykes, barflies, and drag queens who blazed the trail for the rest of us, and cheering on the next wave of queer pioneers who are ready to make history. “Come Here Often?” will drop in on the patrons of a mythical Castro neighborhood bar, The Parlour, at three pivotal periods in the struggle of LGBT people not only to gain equal rights and protections but also to literally become visible. “Come Here Often?” will run Wednesdays through Sundays at Exit Theater, 156 Eddy Street, from August 3 to August 18. The performance on Sunday, August 5, begins at 6 pm; all other shows are at 8 pm.

    Sister Dana sez, “First, Republicans in Congress passed a bill to give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans. Then, they proposed to cut $302 BILLION from critical programs like Medicare and Social Security. They will stop at nothing to afford their detrimental tax bill. That’s right—Republicans may put cutting taxes for corporations and billionaires above preserving the safety net for seniors. Millions of seniors will suffer if these social programs are destroyed. They need us to stand up to these attacks.”

    On Friday, July 27, 6–9 pm, the fabulous JUANITA MORE will host a fabulous vinyl listening party in partnership with SPARC, benefiting TRUTH (TRans yoUTH), a joint program between the TRANSGENDER LAW CENTER AND GSA NETWORK. This collaboration culminated in the creation of a “7 Inch” vinyl record containing two original tracks that were written, recorded and inspired by Juanita. This SF event will be an opportunity to hear the tracks and to also purchase the record for $15. The event itself is free. For those not able to attend, they can also purchase the vinyl online. Join me at SPARC, 1256 Mission Street for the fun (21+ with ID).   

    The annual UP YOUR ALLEY leather fair is Sunday, July 29, 11 am to 6 pm on Dore Alley between Howard and Folsom, continuing on Folsom from 9th to Juniper and the adjoining block of 10th Street. Located in front of the legendary Powerhouse bar, nearly 15,000 fellow leather folk, fetish enthusiasts, and their friends enjoy watching or participating in BDSM play at over 50 adult vendor spaces, including food, beverages and DJs for dancing in the streets. It’s a big fundraiser and the little brother of the much larger annual FOLSOM STREET FAIR

    SAN FRANCISCO LGBT COMMUNITY CENTER is hosting a free COMMUNITY CHAMBER CONCERT in collaboration with the SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY and funded by the Irvine Foundation. It will be held on Monday, July 30, 6:30–8 pm at the Center at 1800 Market Street in the Rainbow Room. The performance will feature a lively and talented string quartet including members of the San Francisco Symphony. The concert will be followed by a question and answer session with the musicians. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.

    TOMFOOLERY  is now playing at the Shelton Theater, 533 Sutter Street. Tom Lehrer epitomized the era of satirical humor in the 1950s and 1960s, writing songs that were wickedly naughty yet not X-rated by today’s standards in any way. What is most amazing about Lehrer’s music is how timeless it has remained, dealing with subjects such as religion, love and nuclear weapons without in any way dating the material. Turned into a musical revue by the producing genius behind Cats and Phantom of the Opera, Cameron MacintoshTomfoolery is still one of the most bitingly hilarious two hours of music that you will ever hear. A cast of three men and two women will sing and act out Tom’s music and will send you home with a smile on your face and at least a couple of thoughts rattling around in your brain. Tom may have decided to retire from songwriting, but his humor remains as a legacy for all of us today.

    SEX AND THE CITY LIVE is back at the Oasis, 298 11th Street! Relive some of your favorite moments during this loving tribute to the iconic show, which finds four “young” “women” in search of the perfect relationship all while looking gorgeous and knocking back plenty of Cosmopolitans. Featuring drag stars (director, producer) D’Arcy Drollinger, Sue Casa, Lady Bear and Steven LeMay. Running August 2 through September 8, 8 pm.

    Sister Dana sez, “On July 19, every Repugnican on the House Intelligence Committee rejected a motion to subpoena Trump’s U.S. translator at HELLsinki. That is absolutely unacceptable, and let’s hope that the Senate has enough foresight to put our national interest ahead of party politics.”