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    Sister Dana Sez, “Is Trump actually running for 2020 presidential reelection…”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity

    Sister Dana sez, “Is Trump actually running for 2020 presidential reelection, or more likely running from 2017 Russian investigation?!”

    More than a million people celebrated at the 47th annual SF LGBT PRIDE PARADE AND CELEBRATION (mostly decked out in full-on rainbow attire—although a few folks didn’t dress festive, who apparently didn’t get the memo). Following the Dykes on Bikes and the “Mikes on Bikes,” at the head of the parade was the huge RESISTANCE contingent—over 20 different groups echoing the theme of most of America’s activists protesting the autocratic oligarchy of the Trumpian Repugnican regime: RESIST! I saw three City politicos riding in the parade and looking fabulous and proud. “This is loud, this is joy, this is happiness, and this is what America should be about—not hatred, which is what’s spewing out of the White House,” said Rep. Jackie Speier (D-SF). Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, running for governor of California, said, “We’re not about division, we’re about inclusion, and we’re about celebrating our differences!” SF Mayor Ed Lee concluded, “Everybody is ready to fight for their rights, be anti-discriminatory, and be the beacon for the rest of the country—this is San Francisco, where everybody is proud to be here!”

    This rainbow nun was particularly proud that our SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES contingent won an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS FLOAT prize ribbon. We were number 80 or so in the lengthy lineup (at the 2 hours and 27 minutes mark for three minutes in the official KOFY TV coverage—with a lovely shout-out from parade commentators Donna Sachet & Gary Virginia to me—so humbling). We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in SF, Flower Power, and Rainbow Pride. Our gay group had two cable cars, our groovy bubble-blowing Party Mobile, Gamelan X percussionists, ’60s tunes and more spun by DJ Rockaway, a traveling processional gong from Bali, stilt walker Glen … —with everything and everyone decorated with tons of flowers from Mission de Flores. All of this was headed up by SF Bay Times columnist and OPENHOUSE co-founder Dr. Marcy Adelman, this year’s SF Pride Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal, who rode in a convertible (see this issue for photos). Sister Dana was on top of the first cable car proudly waving and blowing kisses to the crowd, and receiving waves and air kisses back. So heartwarming!  

    Thousands of protesters walked the streets of downtown San Francisco on July 2 in the NATIONAL PRESIDENT TRUMP IMPEACHMENT RALLY & MARCH. Some of the stand-out placards stated, “Refuse to Accept a Fascist America,” “Lock HIM Up!” “Time to Go, Comrade,” “HUGELY Beneath the Dignity of the Office,” and, my favorite, “Repeal and Replace Trump!” The demonstrators chanted anti-Trump slogans and carried on vigorously in a totally peaceful demonstration with no arrests or counter protests. Other similar lively demonstrations were carried on across the nation that day.

    Sister Dana sez, “I never thought I would be a fan of Steve Bannon, but reports are saying that he is pushing hard inside the White House for a huge tax hike on the very rich, balanced by a tax cut for working people, arguing that it is the definition of populist policy—unlike much of what else Trump has actually done. Can this be true?!”

    ARTSAVESLIVES Castro art gallery and performance space presented another fabulous monthly experience, “JULY ARTISTS AT ARTSAVESLIVES.” In the left front window, curator/studio owner Thomasina De Maio is exhibiting her clever version of the Naked Trump for all to gaze upon in disgust. (She told me she has received threatening letters from pro-Trumpers—but refuses to remove the statue). Inside, the studio walls are completely covered with works by over 20 different artists. Among my standouts are Michael A. Staley with “Hand in the Flame,” a glass tile on ceramic sculpture that appears to be burning as it revolves; Bonita Cohn is displaying beautiful color photography (“Fireworks in Minnesota” being my fave); and David Wayne Floyd has an incredible painting in the window, “The Gathering,” as well as an impressive large “Inca – Goddess of Peace” indoors. Floyd’s next exhibition will be at Cafe du Soleil, 200 Fillmore Street, with a reception on November 3, 6–9 pm. Two very different pieces by Matt Mattingly are “Hands Up” with various 3-D creatures in the pose of either “raising the roof” or “under arrest”—your choice; and “Godzilla vs. Godzilla,” with the two classic Japanese monsters at war. My favorite in the whimsy category are the many distinctive ceramic eyeball pieces popping out by the artist Ole. Also, Daniel L Carniglia is showing the beautiful, almost life-size acrylic art of “St. Michael the Archangel, the Spark of Life.” Thomasina has more of her pieces at the back of the studio, including a witty sculpture of a rooster wearing a Castro t-shirt, black leather jacket, and chaps. It is entitled “Castro Cock,” and is one of my very favorites of De Maio’s sculptures—that is, of course, next to the fantastic glazed sculpture of Sister Dana in traditional nun’s habit in my bedroom. Or wait, maybe my real favorite is the huge oil of Sister Dana at Burning Man on the rugged ragged playa hung in my hallway. Orrrrrrrrrrrrr is it the portrait of Dennis as a journalist with a press pass around his neck??! I can’t choose. They are all incredible! Ahem! Moving on to art at the studio: Carl Linkhart exhibits his pieces quite often, and this time I admire the “Peggy Lee in Candyland” oil on canvas and “Fallen Angel of Light.” Virginia Pappas has “Kali-Goddess of Revolution,” who, in Indian mythology, appears as a frenzied slayer of demons who comes into the world when dark forces threaten civilization. Wow, do we ever need her now in this Repugnican hell on Earth! As usual, delicious bites were served along with wines, sodas, and a vodka punch—everything complimentary.

    Live entertainment was provided by Ruby Vixenn, who sang live “Don’t Tell Mama” from Cabaret with added tasteful burlesque; Damian and his furiously flying flamenco feet; and Magnolia Black belting out “Too Darn Hot” because it was a heat wave she must’ve brought to us. Element, who is also an excellent sculptor at the studio, gave us some riveting a cappella composition that I believe was “We’re Not Lost; We’re Here.” Magnolia came back to sing and grind out “Sister” from The Color Purple. Ruby returned to pantomime “Eat It” while spraying whipped cream on her exposed ample bosom, adding strawberries and a banana—and challenging the audience to partake. Thomasina bravely and boldly stepped up to give a vigorous motor-boating, only to emerge with a face full of sundae. Yes, it was yet another delightful evening at ARTSAVESLIVES at 518 Castro and 18th. All of this art (minus the entertainers and artists) will be up through July for anyone to pop in and enjoy. De Maio also offers live nude models to be sketched, painted, sculpted, or otherwise immortalized on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 6–9 pm at the studio. Sister Dana is even trying to sketch without any previous art school background, so no one should fear being a newbie amongst genius.


    The STRUT
     Art Opening this month is not the first Friday of the month as usual, but the SECOND Friday of the month. Please help spread the word! They will be exhibiting the work of Ajuan Mance during the month of July! Her latest exhibition is titled, “YUH LOOKIN GOOD: PORTRAITS FROM THE OTHER RAINBOW NATION.” This show takes its name from a poem by 1960s Black nationalist writer Carolyn Rodgers. For Rodgers and others, depictions of empowered, beautiful, vulnerable, and resistant men of African descent had the capacity to engage, challenge, and resist not only the stereotypes applied to Black people, but also the structures and institutions that reinforce those ideas. This showing features drawings and paintings of queer and trans men of African descent, selected from a handful of recent projects, along with some new pieces created especially for display at Strut. Mance, a resident of the Bay Area since 1999, is a professor of African American literature at Mills College. Mance is a lifelong artist and writer who has produced comics, zines, drawings and paintings that explore the relationships between race, gender and the representation of people of African descent in the U.S. The wine and nibblies reception will be at Strut HQ, 470 Castro Street on Friday, July 14, Bastille Day, 8–10 pm; but the art will be on display throughout all of July.

    KREWE DE KINQUE, the Mardi Gras-themed fundraising club, presents a benefit for HEPCARESTREAM: HELPING THOSE INFECTED WITH HEPATITUS C (advocacy of Hepatitis C testing, treating, and cure) on Saturday, July 15, 4–7 pm at The Edge bar, 4149 18th Street. Join King and Queen II, Mark Paladini and Deana Dawn of Krewe de Kinque for a rockin’ evening of fun and frolic as they host top notch entertainers, a fabulous raffle, Jell-O shots, beer bust and more with music by DJ Jack Rojo! Sister Dana will probably be taking donations at the door, as usual.

    Race Bannon, Jared Hemming and STRUT invite you to MagneKink, a social event for San Francisco’s kinky queer community. This will be their fourth annual event, in honor of UP YOUR ALLEY weekend. Before you dive into that busy weekend of events, join them to socialize with your fellow queer leather and kink brethren. Catch up with your friends and meet some new ones. If you’re a kink-curious newcomer, you are welcome too! This year’s event will feature: DJ Donovan Jones (aka DJ BRD), impact scenes by Geoff Millard (Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017), bondage scenes by Jorge Vieto Jr., puppy mosh by San Francisco K9 Unit, raffle prizes from Mr. S Leather, Worn Out West and others, complimentary refreshments and complimentary clothes check. MagneKink takes place at 470 Castro Street on Tuesday, July 25, 8–10 pm. All are welcome. Free admission.

    The GLBT HISTORICAL MUSEUM presents Author Talk: “HOLLYWOOD’S BISEXUAL CLOSET: MARILYN MONROE AND MORE” on Thursday, July 20, 7–9pm, the museum at 4127 18th Street. The talk offers a look at bisexuality behind the scenes in old Hollywood with Boze Hadleigh, the author of two books published last year that address the question. They are Hollywood Lesbians: From Garbo to Foster and Marilyn Forever: Musings on an American Icon by the Stars of Yesterday and Today. Rock Hudson once told Hadleigh, “I don’t believe in bisexuals,” yet Hadleigh thinks bisexual activity may have been prevalent in the studio system, which showcased the beauty of both genders.

    Tony Award-winning SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE has its 58th season with “WALLS” now through September 10. It opened in Dolores Park on July 4th and continues its successful run elsewhere. WALLS asks the question: How can a nation of immigrants declare war on immigration? The answer: FEAR! L. Mary Jones knows all about fear. As a top agent for I.C.E.—Immigration and Customs Enforcement—she knows how to stoke fear to keep her country safe. For info and schedules, go to

    Join HORIZONS FOUNDATION for their SUMMER OF LOVE GALA LAUNCH PARTY on Thursday, July 20, 6–8 pm at Dolby Laboratories, 1275 Market Street, featuring great food, wonderful wines, and fun entertainment with a far-out Summer of Love theme. The evening will kick off plans and generate support for their Annual Gala to be held on Saturday, October 7, at the iconic Fairmont San Francisco. You must RSVP to

    UP YOUR ALLEY,” FOLSOM STREET FAIR‘s dirty little brother is July 30, from 11 am–6 pm in Dore Alley and beyond in the South of Market area. But I’ll say more about that in the July 27 edition of this column. Mark your calendars, leather and kink folk and fans!

    Sister Dana sez, “Take heart! The three previous impeachment inquiries in the House (involving presidents Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton) rested on less evidence than is already publicly known about Trump—and on issues far less serious than the Trump team’s possible collusion with a foreign adversary to win the election and Trump’s subsequent attempted cover-up.”