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    Trump’s and America’s Very Bad Week: July 21–July 28

    By David Perry

    Even for the Trump Error (sic intended), it’s been quite a week. Though I am traveling in Italy, I could not miss the train wreck with a view back home.

    Let’s review. Spicer: Out. Scaramucci: in (for now). Health Care: a cluster flack. GOP Senators: coordinating the uncoordinated cluster flack. DJT channels Il Duce and Adolf at the Boy Scouts Jamboree (hitherto to be known as “Da Trumpen Jüngen”).

    On a hot mike, Senator Collins makes a hot mess assessment of Trump: “He’s crazy; I’m worried.”

    Sessions: beleaguered and under attack by Trump. Preibus: beleaguered and under attack by Scaramucci. Transgenders trampled; Gays re-abused. The NY Times prints obscene quotes from the White House Communications Director (a first, I believe, for certain anatomical descriptions above the fold page 1). Who knew that Steve Bannon was attempting auto-fellatio? (God knows no one else would volunteer.)

    And, as midnight wanes in the U.S. Capitol, John McCain rouses himself from a week of cancer-flip-flops-and-inexplicable-votes to put yet another nail in the GOP’s cynical “skinny” repeal of Obamacare. Oh, and Alaska has a new icon: “Mama Bear Murkowski.”

    Is it Saturday yet? Prediction: a Tweetstorm cometh.

    David Perry, CEO and Founder of David Perry and Associates, is the host/producer for the weekly LGBT television show “10 Percent.” He is an avid maritime historian who has served as the spokesperson for the San Francisco Fleet Week Association. He wrote this piece while in Orvieto, Italy, with his husband Alfredo Casuso.


    President Trump Defies All Logic

    By Theresa Sparks

    Mr. Trump’s recent actions concerning trans Americans who have previously, are currently, or are looking forward to serving in the U.S. Armed Forces defies all logic.

    His assertions about cost and disruption are blatantly wrong, and his comments about consulting with his senior military officials turned out to be just another one of his lies. This crazy early morning tweet just demonstrated his total lack of any sense of values or moral compass.

    After serving in the Navy for six years during the Vietnam era nearly fifty years ago, I felt really rewarded when I attended a reunion with my former shipmates earlier this year. You know what? Not one comment was made about my appearance, gender or my transition. The conversation only revolved around living and working together during the good times, and the terrifying ones.

    The vast majority of men and women in the military don’t care about your sexual orientation, gender identity, or presentation, race, ethnicity, or sex. When I was serving in the Navy, Mr. Trump was cowardly doing everything he could to keep from joining his fellow Americans in service to his country.

    It’s just another reason his presidency is such a joke. 

    Theresa Sparks is Senior Adviser, Transgender Initiatives, in the Office of Mayor Ed Lee and was formerly the Executive Director of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. Sparks served her country with the United States Navy during the Vietnam War while stationed at the Fleet Intelligence Center, at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and later at the USS New, a WWII-era destroyer.