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    Women’s March 2020

    Morgan Shidler (right) and Conrad Moore at the Women’s March in Las Vegas. (2018)

    By Morgan Shidler–

    On a beautifully sunny Saturday morning, thousands gathered in Oakland and San Francisco for the fourth year in a row of the Women’s March. Having been to the marches in D.C., Vegas, and Oakland and San Francisco twice over the years, it was encouraging to see how many folks were still committed to the causes this movement represents.

    There were highlights like Representative Barbara Lee in Oakland, who stressed the importance of the upcoming census with her “Make It Count” message and how its impact will shape our future; and the intersectional groups across San Francisco showing up in large numbers demonstrating the breadth of what Women’s March is about.

    Speaking with Sophia Andary and Elizabeth Lanyon of Women’s March San Francisco Leadership, it was inspiring to hear about the ways the efforts of intentionally creating an intersectional movement have found footing in the last four years. Because the movement is grassroots and operates as chapters—San Francisco and Oakland operate independently of each other and of Women’s March national—it is absolutely essential that the leadership works together to build locally what the movement is calling for. This is no small task between community organizing and fundraising upwards of $100k annually, and it’s beautiful to see how it comes together.

    That said, this year was sandwiched between a contentious moment in the primaries between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, the ongoing impeachment trial, and Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; and the energy was noticeably more frustrated, if even a little exhausted. The support for the many Democratic primary candidates was spread sporadically in small numbers, showing there’s not a lot of momentum for any one of them currently. The messaging against Trump’s misogyny was consistent, but the cohesive or enthusiastic hope for a better future was missing.  

    While 2020 may very well be the year that things turn around, it’s hard to feel hopeful without a clear path forward. Sometimes that’s the uncomfortable space to occupy as a collective, and the only choice is just to show up. And to that end, the means was achieved and then some. Thousands took to the streets and used their bodies to demonstrate dissent, refusing to take this moment lying down. And for now, we take this year one step at a time.

    Morgan Shidler is a photographer and the co-founder of the womxn’s organization That’s What She Said. For more information: and


    Signs Spotted at Women’s March 2020

    Morgan Shidler and others for the San Francisco Bay Times at the 2020 Women’s March in San Francisco spotted signs with these and other thought-provoking messages:

    A Good Planet Is Hard to Find
    Blue Wave
    Equal Pay, Body Rights, Equity, I Like It Like That!
    Gaia Remembers!
    Hang On, Ruth
    I’m a Woman. What’s Your Super Power?
    Lesbian Grandmothers for Gun Control
    Orange Is the New Wack
    Save the Date November 3rd, Save the Country
    Tweet Women With Respect
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Czar, Putin Put You Where You Are
    You Should Smile (crossed out mark across Smile) Run for Office More
    You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This March Is About You!!!
    We Are the Children of the Witches You Failed to Burn
    Women Over Age 50 Will Decide 2020

     Published on January 30, 2020