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    World Tree of Hope 2013


    The World Tree of Hope is the largest origami decorated holiday tree in the world, standing 25 feet tall and decorated with over 12,000 origami cranes and stars. Each is hand-folded and inscribed with wishes for the future of the world. Over 300 people come together, donating more than 2,500 hours to create the tree. We thank these volunteers as well as the creators from Rainbow World Fund. RWF presents the tree as a gift from the LGBT and friends community to the world. The tree will be on display through December in the Rotunda of San Francisco City Hall. We encourage you to visit this beautiful symbol of global unity and to make your own wish.


    “I dare to wish

    for a world in which tree2

    people live in

    harmony with each

    other and with the

    natural world.”

    – Dame Jane Goodall