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    A Thanksgiving Gift

    CinderErnstFrom all of us at Inside Out Fitness, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Relax. Enjoy your food. Even enjoy your family, if you can! Keep reading, because I will share how to get a free copy of “The Zero Minute Exercise Fix” audio workout.

    During the holidays, you might be pressed for time. You may miss a few workouts. That’s OK. Relax about it. In this column, I will give you some powerful exercises that can be done in your car, while you drink your morning coffee and/or in the bathroom! Even on the busiest of days you can do a little exercise. At Inside Out Fitness we love small, sensible exercises done with kindness and good self-care.

    Here is a list of instant benefits that come from doing small bouts of exercise. You will:

    • improve your energy immediately
    • oxygenate your blood
    • increase blood flow
    • relieve stress
    • improve mood
    • feel accomplished.


    Exercising in a Car

    I know this sounds crazy, but in the early 90s, before everyone was using cell phones in their cars, I used to go on KFOG Radio and do commuter aerobics! We would put on a song and I would give exercise instructions. It was so fun. Drivers would call in to say they saw other people doing it in their cars, too. I have an mp3 download of the exercises to music.

    So here is how you can obtain your free gift: Email me at and I will send you the mp3 file of commuter aerobics. We re-named it The Zero Minute Exercise Fix because it doesn’t take any extra time at all. Just promise you will not talk on your phone at the same time!

    Additional Zero Minute Exercise Fixes

    Do 5 or 10 extra get-ups every time you use the toilet. Get-ups are just standing up and sitting back down. These will really get your blood flowing.

    Do some counter push-ups in the kitchen while you wait for the water to boil. To do them, place your hands a little wider than shoulder width on the counter. Then aim your chest (breasts, actually) to the edge of the counter as you squeeze your shoulder blades and bend your elbows. Then push away. Ta da. A counter push-up. If you tend to get neck/shoulder pain, start with 5 or less. If it feels OK the next day, add a couple, and so on.

    March in place while you brush your teeth. You can do all kinds of variations. March high, kick behind or maybe a step touch. Be creative.

    Stretch your hips while you drink your coffee. If you don’t have a hip replacement, cross your left ankle over your right knee to stretch your hip capsule. Then do the other side.

    Another coffee stretch is called the “Back Out the Driveway” stretch. Keep your feet flat on the floor and then twist to the right, putting your left hand on your right knee and your right hand by your right butt cheek. You should be able to look over your shoulder a little bit. Then reverse. Each side will probably feel very different. Some people are very tight in the back and/or neck, so don’t be surprised if you can’t actually look over your shoulder. I often joke that we’ll all be running over bicycles in the driveway. Thank goodness for back up cameras!

    Here is your Thanksgiving wellness coaching from me: Wedge a bit of exercise in the cracks. Have fun. Be easy on yourself and others. Appreciate as much and as often as you can.

    See you in December!

    Cinder Ernst, Medical Exercise Specialist and Life Coach Extraordinaire, helps reluctant exercisers get moving with safe, effective and fun programs. Find out more at