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    About Our Cover 8.26.21

    Internationally recognized painter and printmaker Debra Walker created the cover for this commemorative edition of the San Francisco Bay Times honoring the 45th Anniversary of Dykes on Bikesâ. Walker is a Commissioner on the San Francisco Arts Commission and serves on the Advisory Panel for Grants for the Arts.

    A past President of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, Walker has long lived the mission of Dykes on Bikesâ in terms of supporting philanthropic endeavors in the LGBT and women’s communities, and reaching out to empower women. She is also an avid cyclist. (The Dykes on Bikesâ extended contingent during the San Francisco Pride Parade includes both motorcycle enthusiasts and cyclists.)

    Walker has designed other special covers for the San Francisco Bay Times over the years, and we are proud to again feature her work. Walker, like San Francisco Dykes on Bikesâ President Kate Brown, has mentored many women and serves as an important role model here in the Bay Area.

    Regarding Brown, most of us picture her astride her blazing red Honda Magna, leading the way at various events. By day she is also a leader, serving as the Scientific Director of Research and Development at Generate Life Sciences.

    The Bay Times thanks both of these accomplished women for their continued service to the LGBTQ community and beyond.

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    Published on August 26, 2021