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    Anniversary Wishes

    anniversaryAnne Kronenberg

    José Sarria, a true gay rights pioneer, had the vision and the inspiration to found the first Court system here in San Francisco. The Imperial Court is an institution in San Francisco. I can’t imagine what our City and community would be like without the glamour, glitz and generosity of the Court System.

    José was a friend and mentor of Harvey Milk’s. He was the first openly gay person to run for Supervisor in San Francisco in 1961. Subsequent to that run, José and the Court System enthusiastically backed Harvey’s campaigns from his first attempt at politics in 1973 to his successful Supervisorial Campaign in 1977. There were some who advised Harvey that he shouldn’t support the Courts or appear at any Court-sponsored events because it would alienate the straight community and he might lose votes because of this affiliation. Harvey didn’t buy that argument. If people were small-minded and disapproved of the Imperial Court, then they sure as hell were not going to support Harvey Milk anyway.

    Over the years, the Court System has provided support to so many causes, charities and individuals in our community—celebrating diversity, and helping the disenfranchised in San Francisco and thousands internationally. I want to express my personal thanks to the Courts for everything you have done in the last 50 years to help the LGBTQ community, and for your support of the Harvey Milk Foundation.

    Anne Kronenberg is the Co-founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation. She was Harvey Milk’s campaign manager for his successful, groundbreaking election to public office, and served as his primary political aide in City Hall.

    Stuart Milk

    Harvey Milk loved the Imperial Court and realized, as I do, all that you have done over the last 50 years of community service and fighting for LGBT equality.

    Stuart Milk is the Founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation.

    Judy Shepard

    Through your outstanding campaign, I am proud you have raised more than $100,000 toward the continued work to replace hate in every corner of the nation with understanding, compassion and acceptance.

    Judy Shepard is the Founder of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

    Neil Giuliano

    Since the beginning, the Imperial Court has been with us in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Its many charitable fundraising events have generously supported the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, our sexual health clinic Magnet, and many of our AIDS/LifeCycle participants over many, many years. We are tremendously grateful, and so pleased to congratulate all involved on the wonderful occasion of your 50th Anniversary. From the bottom of our hearts: thank you all very much and congratulations.

    Neil Giuliano is the CEO of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

    Rev. Lyle Beckman

    The Imperial Court and San Francisco Night Ministry have walked together for fifty years seeking healing, wholeness, freedom, justice, and equal rights for all people. We have celebrated many lives and events together, and Night Ministry is more visible and effective in our work because of the Imperial Court’s fundraising, generosity, and words of encouragement and support that you have offered to us for fifty years.

    Rev. Lyle Beckman, a priest of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, has served as Director of San Francisco Night Ministry since 2007.