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    Campaign Events for Mayor London Breed


    The mayoral race in San Francisco is heating up, with all of the candidates holding several events in recent weeks. On May 3 at Lucky 13 there was a “Party for Mayor London Breed” hosted by State Senator Scott Wiener, Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, Supervisor Matt Dorsey, Supervisor Joel Engardio, Donna Sachet, Bionka Simone, Victor Ruiz-Cornejo, Kent Mirkhani, Krystal Khandelier, Joe Sangirardi, Steve Kawa, Conor Johnston, Alex Shadley, Barak Gila, Mike Chen, Lisa Williams, Masood Samereie, Desmond Morgan, Bebe Sweetbriar, Tom Paulino, Terrance Alan, Matthew Rothschild, Ralph Hibbs, Mawuli Tugbenyoh, Jonathan Deason, David Goldman, Kenneth M. Koehn, Tom Horn, Louise “Lou” Fischer, Jake Price, Jayshawn Anderson, Ben Neidhardt, Eric Munsing, Cyn Wang, and The Academy SF.

    Former Mayor Willie Brown and friends

    Mayor Breed’s official Campaign Kickoff, however, took place on May 18 at The Fillmore. Acclaimed actor, producer, and political activist Danny Glover was among those who attended, along with many who were at the May 3 event, and still others, such as Manny Yekutiel of Manny’s and Patrick Carney and Hossein Carney of the Pink Triangle on Twin Peaks.

    Candidate Latifah Simon and Jada Jackson

    Fischer, a former San Francisco Bay Times columnist, wrote, “Mayor Breed’s speech was amazing and uplifting—and she does it ‘old-school’; no Teleprompter, no notes, no podium, no notecards—authentic and from the heart.”

    French American TV recorded the entire Kickoff event, which can be viewed at:


    Published on May 23, 2024