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    Christophe Caballero Dazzles and Rocks a Bowler Hat in Chicago

    chris4Great cities have inspired great songs and performances. Think of crooning Tony Bennett or Jeanette MacDonald standing under the earthquake ruins (in film) singing, “San Francisco, open your Golden Gate!” So it is that the Windy City inspired one of the greatest musicals of all time, Chicago. It was the favorite musical of our beloved Broadway-loving columnist Stu Smith, who left us too soon.

    Chicago has everything that makes Broadway shine: a universal tale of fame, fortune and all that jazz; one show-stopping-song after another; the most astonishing dancing you’ve ever seen; and a fantastic performance by cast member Christophe Caballero. It’s no wonder that Chicago has been honored with six Tony Awards, two Olivier Awards, a Grammy, and thousands of standing ovations. The show has wowed audiences all around the world, from Mexico City to Moscow, from Sao Paulo to South Africa. Now it’s coming to San Francisco again after a near decade absence, and we can’t wait!

    We were thrilled to catch up with Cabellero, who has appeared in four Tony-winning Broadway productions, numerous television shows, and was even Dita Von Teese’s partner for her Wonderbra collection.

    chris2San Francisco Bay Times: You look so familiar to us! Have you performed in a show in SF before?

    Christophe Caballero: Yes, I was there in 2006 or 2007 with the show. Huey Lewis was our star.

    San Francisco Bay Times: Please tell us a bit about your role in Chicago.

    Christophe Caballero: I’ve played many parts in the show, the longest being two years as the jury, which is what I performed (previously) in San Fran. This year I’ve got a new challenge of swinging, which basically means I cover the ensemble men and go on for them if they are injured, ill or on vacation. I also understudy/perform Mary Sunshine again.

    San Francisco Bay Times: Any memorable moments that you could share with us, from during your time performing in Chicago?

    Christophe Caballero: I think the memorable moments are the ones with all the different stars we’ve had the opportunity to perform with, from Tom Wopat, Lisa Rinna, Gregory Harrison, Greg Evigan, Huey Lewis, Robin Givens, Paige Davis and more. They all brought their personality to their roles, but that personality was just as much fun offstage.

    San Francisco Bay Times: You have been in so many amazing productions over the years. Your resume includes several great, memorable shows. What have been some career highlights for you?

    Christophe Caballero: Working with Jerome Robbins on the retrospective that he personally oversaw was the brass ring. Genius, pure genius. Recently, La Cage Aux Folles on Broadway was just so special too. A return to the big B-way after several years and winning a Best Musical Tony to top it all off!

    San Francisco Bay Times: How did you get started in show biz, and what advice would you give to others who might be considering such work?er in dance class and decided I wanted to try it. As soon as I took my first class, I was even more hooked than I though I could be. I knew it was dance all the way. Eventually I was able to incorporate voice and acting, which I’d already experienced before I started dancing. There are many ways to go about it now. Musical theater students have so many great college programs. But ballet is different. Just be disciplined and recognize the ‘business’ aspect of show business and get a thick skin. Sometimes it’s not bad to ignore someone’s advice that makes you second-guess yourself.

    chris3San Francisco Bay Times: What are you most looking forward to doing/seeing while in San Francisco?

    Christophe Caballero: I want to visit the Asian Art Museum and the Japanese Gardens. I’d like to take a bike ride over that big bridge too. I love San Francisco! I miss it, and haven’t been in a few years, so am pretty excited to return and discover more!

    San Francisco Bay Times: How do you see your career evolving in future? Is there a particular role you’d like to play, or is there some other goal that you have in mind?

    Christophe Caballero: I’ve always admired the actors who are in all the shows playing those featured parts, and you don’t always know their names, but you see them all the time. Always working and changing characters. I wouldn’t mind that evolution. Of course, leading parts are great, and I’ve played a few, but character actors are fantastic.

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