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    City College Pride

    AlexRandolphHeadshot2I take being a San Francisco City College Trustee very seriously. In addition to making important governance decisions, serving as a visible and accessible ambassador is crucial during this challenging time.

    I make sure to promote the incredible work our community college does every day for our 80,000 students at every event I attend. My husband rolls his eyes when I bring home yet another City College t-shirt, and my colleagues make fun of me for always wearing my Trustee lapel pin. For some it might seem a little too much, but showing my CCSF pride means more to me than just being an effective conversation starter.

    They say that 8 in 10 San Franciscans have had some sort of experience with City College. Either they took classes themselves, or have a Ram as a family member or friend. As a Cal alum, I have a lot of experience showing pride in my educational institution. Whenever I see someone wearing Cal paraphernalia, I yell, “Go Bears!” It’s very exciting to see more and more CCSF clothing worn around town. Now I just as proudly proclaim, “Go Rams!”

    There is a lot to be proud of at City College these days.

    First, many members of our City College community work very hard every day to ensure we stay open and accredited. Second, a growing statewide coalition has been instrumental to drive accreditation reform and start the process of removing our current accreditor. Just last month, more than 90% of California Community College Chancellors and Presidents voted for a new and more transparent structure for the accreditation system, as well as for potentially switching the accreditation agency.

    Finally, the Giants and the Warriors are not the only champions in town. This year marks the tenth time our incredible football team, the Rams, won the national championship. Our men’s basketball team won the state championship, and our women’s basketball team made it to the Final Four. To top it off, the incredible Kelly Wong was awarded CCCAA Student Athlete Scholar of the year.

    These are just three examples of the many positive stories that have happened this year. I consider myself lucky to be part of the City College community; I’m proud to serve with my fellow Trustees to make sure our students are able to live up to their full potential. I truly believe that we can’t have a great San Francisco without a great City College.

    I hope you can join me and keep supporting this incredible community asset. Show your pride and join us on April 17 for the 17th annual Wok on the Wild Side Fundraiser benefitting our world class Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies Department. Sip wine and sample goodies from talented chefs and restaurateurs–all assisted by our students and chef-instructors. Tickets can be purchased at

    In the meantime, when you see me out and about, feel free to come up and say, “Go Rams!”

    Alex Randolph is a Trustee for City College of San Francisco. He previously served in President Obama’s administration and as an LGBT advisor for Mayor Newsom. He lives in the Castro with his partner Trevor. Follow him on social media: &