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    Cocktails With Heather

    By Heather Freyer–

    (Editor’s Note: Many of us at the San Francisco Bay Times have long admired LGBTQ community member Heather Freyer for her incredible work ethic, coolness in the face of work and event chaos, talent, and dedication to local nonprofits. We have seen her countless times volunteering at fundraisers, including for HRC. How she finds time to do that is beyond us, since her day job is serving as Vice President and General Manager for Open West States at Bacardí USA.

    Cocktails with Heather are always first rate, so in this Pride edition we begin a new series that will share recipes, tips, and additional info to enhance your Pride celebrations, cocktail hours, and any other occasions that you wish to dress up—or perhaps dress down—with a refreshing elixir.)

    This June, with Pride celebrations happening across the country, Bacardí rum in tropical flavors is an easy base for quick cocktails:

    Bacardí Limon rum + fresh and tart lemonade = the Lemon Slay;
    Coconut Kween is a combination of light Bacardí Coconut rum and fresh pineapple juice;
    Bacardí Lime + your favorite fizzy mixer = the Limelight Cooler;
    and Pineapple Pride with its mix of Bacardí Pineapple rum and your favorite lemon-lime soda will transport you to the tropics.

    Serve all four at your next event and impress your guests while making things easy for yourself. From Dragon Berry to Banana, rum comes in other cocktail-ready flavors that can be delivered to your home. For more information, go to: 

    Heather Freyer is a beverage expert who is the Vice President and General Manager for Open West States at Bacardí USA. Previously she was with Trinchero Wine Estates, Castle Rock Winery, Cost Plus World Market, and more.

    Published on June 24, 2021