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    Dear Pride Karen: Your Racism Won’t Win Here

    By Carolyn Wysinger–

    Happy September!

    We are about 6 weeks away from Election Day 2022 (November 8), and as many of you know, I am currently running for office! But I am not the only LGBTQ woman doing so. Across the Bay Area, there are many LGBTQ women stepping up to support our communities by running for elected office.

    Since my brain is deep in campaign fog, it makes better use of my space here to list who those women are and how you can find them to support their campaigns! Remember, the best ways you can help are to donate or sign up to canvass in their districts. And to show you how much I care, I won’t even list myself first 🙂

    Honey Mahogany
    San Francisco Board of Supervisors

    Rebecca Kaplan
    Alameda County Board of Supervisors

    Janice Li
    BART Board of Supervisors

    Nenna Joiner
    Oakland City Council

    Janani Ramachandran
    Oakland City Council

    Amie Carter
    Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools

    Tina Nieto
    Monterey County Sheriff

    Laura Parmer-Lohan
    San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

    Carolyn Wysinger
    El Cerrito City Council

    Carolyn Wysinger is an LGBTQ author, activist, and President of the SF Pride Board of Directors. She has written for Autostraddle, Everyday Feminism, and Black Girl Dangerous. She can be found starting trouble on Instagram & Twitter @CdubbTheHost 

    What Dubb Says
    Published on September 22, 2022