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    Debonair Dance Music Star Amoray

    kippyWhen I first saw Amoray, he was dressed to impress. He walked over and greeted me with a smile and a huge hug. He’s stylish, debonair, entertaining and sings like a man on a mission with a story to tell. Also an accomplished fashion designer, Amoray can do an updo like no other!

    But you are probably most familiar with his high-powered, funky, house electro dance tracks that have landed Amoray in the top 30 Billboard club charts for weeks. Given all of his talent, is it any wonder that his own independent label is called Knockout Fashion Records? Amoray is definitely a knockout.

    He was born right here in San Francisco to parents Gwendolyn and Banks Brougain. Amoray is the second youngest of 6 children. With a family steeped in music, Amoray chose singing as his life’s path. He explains, “I can express myself in so many different ways. I love writing lyrics, melodies, and hearing them come to life. It’s such a great gift to be able to do this, and the feeling of accomplishment is awesome.”

    Amoray recalls that his mother would ask him and his other siblings to perform talent shows for her and her friends. He fondly remembers the shows. “Those were the good old days,” he smiles. “Our family should have been the Jacksons.” Singing came naturally to him, and he became the lead singer of a group called Suede and interned at KMEL radio.



    After attending McAteer High School for the Performing Arts and a program at American Conservatory Theater, he tackled dramatic roles and performed in musical theater. As if singing and acting weren’t enough, he became a licensed cosmetologist and studied design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

    In terms of musical influences and mentors, he mentions Jeanie Tracy, Sylvester, Angela Winbush, Stephanie Mills, Lou Rawls and Teddy Pendergrass, to name a few. Amoray adds, “Jeanie Tracy has helped me in so many ways with music and the business of music. And, of course, Sylvester (has too). Many have compared me to Sylvester. What an honor!”

    Currently, Amoray is in the middle of two projects to be released this year. The first one is a single titled “Let It Go.” It’s a take on the disco era, which he loves so much. Amoray is in full production for the release now. It will be accompanied by a music video and remix package. “Let It Go” is expected for release in the spring.

    The second project is a single called “Don’t Say It.” It’s also a take on the disco era, and is slated for release in August with a video and remix package available. Before then, you can see Amoray perform live on May 16 at San Francisco State University. He’ll also be a featured performer in the “Gems of the Bay” concert series at Martuni’s in the summer.

    I encourage you to check out his website at He’s also on Facebook at, YouTube at, Twitter at and on iTunes at

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