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    Donna’s Chronicles, “Emperor Mr. David Glamamore & Empress Juanita MORE! stepped down …”

    By Donna Sachet–

    Emperor Mr. David Glamamore & Empress Juanita MORE! stepped down in sensational style on Saturday, February 26, continuing a 57-year-old tradition, full of history, pageantry, and community. The Midway proved a worthy location with lots of space, high ceilings, wonderful sound, and incredible technical possibilities, even if the central floor space remained dimly lit, hampering guests’ ability to socialize. (Every new location has its challenges and the Imperial Court will make the necessary tweaks.)

    The evening began with the formal Color Guard presentation and National Anthems of Mexico, Canada, and the United States, each performed admirably by Leandro Gonzales, Pseudo, and Breanna Sinclairé, followed by a lighthearted invocation by Sister Roma and Native American blessing by Landa Lakes. The Reigning Emperor & Empress then made their grand entrance with their titleholders and court, visibly representing the rich diversity of our community and instantly grabbing everyone’s attention. Various elected officials paid their respects, including State Senator Scott Wiener, City Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, City Treasurer Jose Cisneros, and David Campos.

    It was heartwarming to see the Imperial Family of San Francisco assemble on stage after a two-year pandemic compelled hiatus.  In the absence of Queen Mother Nicole the Great, due to illness, King Father I Terry Sidie warmly addressed the crowd surrounded by the leadership of the International Court Council, followed by a crowd-pleasing command performance by Dulce De Leche and a band of back-up dancers. 

    The first act of Imperial Coronation concluded with three entertainment segments that harkened back to the court’s heyday.  First, Absolute Empress XXVII Velveeta Mozzarella the G.R.A.T.E. celebrated the 30th anniversary of her reign with an incredible number with two dancers, two costume reveals, and a video projected behind her that featured her performing three decades earlier. This Empress and her Emperor XX, A.N., Douglass Stromberg ushered in a renewed sense of whimsy and humor during their time and this anniversary number encapsulated all the irreverence and hilarity they loved. The room exploded with applause! Second, Emperor XXX, A.N., Berlin marked his 20th year with a moving vocal solo in elaborate costume that had the room rapt with attention and his many followers flush with emotion. Third, candidate for Empress Ehra Amaya displayed her considerable stage talent with a production number, costuming, video back-up, and remarkable energy.  This Imperial Coronation was off to an extraordinary start!

    The second act was filled with formal walks by the visiting out-of-town courts, all thrilled to return to this live and in-person format, interspersed with command performances, Emperor XXV, A.N., Jacques Michael’s 25th anniversary solo performance, Absolute Empress XLI Galilea filling in for Absolute Empress XLII Chika’s 15th anniversary, and a lively production number by candidate for Emperor Brent Daddy Munro. Various traditional ceremonies took place throughout the evening, including special awards from the Emperors and the Empresses and the announcement that Emperor Mr. David Glamamore & Empress Juanita MORE! had raised $190,000 for charitable organizations during their reign. This is particularly noteworthy, given that their reign lasted only nine months, again due to the pandemic and Imperial calendar changes.

    The final act included more entertainment, final walks by those prolific fundraisers, and preparation for the official crowning of the new monarchs. We had the pleasure of co-emceeing that portion of the evening with Roberto Ordenana, Deputy Executive Director of the LGBT Community Center. Any description here of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the crowning ceremony would be inadequate, but suffice it to say, anyone with a fascination with international royalty would be amazed. Imagine dazzling crowns, sparkling orbs, gleaming scepters, rich robes, elaborate thrones, and more! 

    The annual Pilgrimage to Colma took place the next day with a bus meeting devoted courtiers at the crack of dawn in Jane Warner Plaza at the Rainbow Honor Walk plaque honoring Empress I José Sarria and then whisking them all to Woodlawn Cemetery where José and Emperor Joshua Norton are buried. We have co-produced this annual event with the Emperors of San Francisco since José’s death and it always reflects the history, revelry, and sense of humor for which José was widely known.  This year, we co-emceed with Emperor XLV, A.N., Nic Hunter. Joining the ceremonies were the Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band, conducted by Mike Wong, members of the clergy from Night Ministry, and a gaggle of wide-eyed Imperials. A new highlight was a rousing operatic performance by Countess Katya Smirnoff-Skye that José would have loved. The annual Pilgrimage to Colma is an event totally unique to San Francisco and the Founding Mother Court of the International Court System. Don’t miss it next year!

    Congratulations to the new Reigning Emperor Brent Daddy Munro & Reigning Empress Ehra Amaya! If their far-reaching campaigns for office and the crowd’s uproarious reception are any indication, we have an exciting year ahead! We encourage you to follow the goings-on of Their Most Imperial Majesties in this column and join in the fun and fundraising they are bound to produce.

    As live and in-person events begin to pop up and our calendars start to fill up, we look forward to reuniting with friends, including many of our loyal readers. Please say hello when you too are out and about!

    Donna Sachet is a celebrated performer, fundraiser, activist, and philanthropist who has dedicated over two decades to the LGBTQ Community in San Francisco. Contact her at

    Calendar a/la Sachet

    Saturday, March 12
    Suicide Is a Drag
    Amateur drag competition, photo booth
    Benefits American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
    Club Wingtip, 550 Montgomery Street
    7 pm

    Thursday, May 24
    Divas & Drinks
    Bay Times monthly gathering
    Bacardí drinks, Name That Tune competition
    DJ Rockaway, Donna Sachet hosts
    The Academy, 2166 Market Street
    7 pm

    Wednesday, April 6
    Castro Farmers’ Market ribbon-cutting
    Elected officials & Donna Sachet
    Noe & 16th Streets
    4 pm

    Saturday, April 9
    Soirée 2022
    SF LGBT Community Center’s annual gala
    Co-Hosted by Sister Roma & Honey Mahogany
    Entertainment curated by Juanita MORE!
    City View at Metreon
    5:30 pm

    Published on March 10, 2022