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    Donna’s Chronicles, “If ever a theme was carried out with style and panache…”

    By Donna Sachet–

    If ever a theme was carried out with style and panache, it was last Saturday night as the Hyatt Regency Downtown San Francisco Hotel was drenched in gold for Imperial Coronation 58: Rise of the Golden Gods!  This is the signature event for the Imperial Court of San Francisco, the Founding Mother Court of the International Court System with over 70 chapters across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Emperor Brent Daddy Munro and Empress Ehra Amaya ended their reign with a very well-attended affair, marked by simple, but effective, sets, spectacular costumes, entertaining performances, and all the pageantry for which the Imperial Court is recognized. 

    A time-honored, and sometimes criticized, portion of every Coronation is the presentation of each guest in attendance as they promenade across the stage as a member of some organization. Yes, it takes time, but it is an opportunity to showcase elaborate costuming, demonstrate support for the Imperial Court, or impress with distance traveled to attend, among other things. It seems that local organizations of late less frequently assemble a group to be recognized during such a walk, but Krewe de Kinque participated this year with a colorfully costumed and appropriately enthusiastic assemblage. Visiting Courts ranged from Boise, Colorado Springs, and San Antonio to Alaska, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, and Canada. Costumes included lots of thematic gold, as well as remarkable garments with amazing couture detailing … regardless of gender.


    The entertaining performances, referenced above, included musical numbers to commemorate the anniversaries of certain Emperors & Empresses. We were particularly moved by the elaborate performance of Absolute Empress XXXIII Alexis Miranda, a powerful number by Absolute Empress XXXVIII Snatch, the carefully choreographed presentation by Emperor XXXVI, A.N., John Weber,and a simple, but effective, musical rendition by Absolute Empress XLVIII Patty McGroin. All of them are good friends of ours and their moments on stage brought back lovely memories of 10, 15, 20, and 25 years ago.  Command performances by visitors are a chance to introduce outstanding entertainers and to acknowledge special friendships and they added considerably to the evening. Surprisingly powerful performances by the two candidates for Emperor & Empress demanded attention from the audience and boded well for the coming year.

    During the night, checks representing over $84,000 raised by these monarchs during their year were presented to a variety of nonprofit organizations, reminding everyone of the long history of much needed fundraising by the Imperial Court. Various new titles were dispensed, awards were presented, and Queen Mother Nicole Murray-Ramirez andKing Father Terry Sidie of the International Court Systemand their coterie of Heirs Apparent assembled on stage for their official ceremonial duties.  Throughout, excellent production skills kept the event moving smoothly, promising a timely conclusion.

    San Francisco Bay Times” columnists Donna Sachet and David Landis enjoyed the 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Top of the Mark at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel on Wednesday, March 1.

    But, beyond all that, this was Brent & Ehra’s night! Their dazzling multiple costumes, calm stage presence throughout, and emotional last walks firmly established their reputations within the San Francisco Imperial Court and the International Court System, reflecting their extensive and well-received travel and their beloved local presence. They obviously had a great time personally during their year and were determined to show their gratitude and appreciation for all the support they received while in the public spotlight.

    Imperial Coronation ended, as it has for 58 years, with the announcement of newly elected monarchs and their crowning on stage. With great excitement and fanfare, we welcomed Emperor Michael Anthony Chua and Empress Cameron Stiehl-Munro as the Imperial Family gathered to perform a variety of symbolic acts associated with our crowning traditions. Every available camera and cell phone captured the scene! We wish our new Monarchs all the best and we promise our readers a full account of the activities of the Unifying Court of Love and Transformation during their reign. Hip, hip, hooray!

    We conclude this column with a suggestion. Head to Nob Hill, go to the InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel, and ride the elevator up to The Top of the Mark. Day or night, the spectacular view is bound to remind you of why you live in San Francisco.  We recently attended a 50th anniversary celebration there, compliments of General Manager Michael Pace and Heather Noll of Chalkboard Communications, enjoying culinary treats from six continents, refreshing cocktails, engaging jazz from the Nick Rossi Trio, and the excellent company of Dejah Overby of K&L Wine Merchants and San Francisco Bay Times columnist David Landis & Sean Dowdall. We were captivated by the inviting room and the incomparable view. Each of us recounted special memories of this incredible city and restated our commitment to San Francisco. For all its challenges, this is the place we want to be. How about you?

    Donna Sachet is a celebrated performer, fundraiser, activist, and philanthropist who has dedicated over two decades to the LGBTQ Community in San Francisco. Contact her at

    Calendar a/la Sachet

    Thursday, March 9
    Oscar Preview with Jan Wahl & Frameline
    Allegra Madsen, Frameline Director of Programming
    The Academy, 2166 Market Street
    7 pm

    Sunday, March 12
    Memorial for Kevin Shanahan
    Friends of Michael Montoya remember
    Atwater Tavern, 295 Terry Francois Blvd.
    2–6 pm

    Sunday, March 12
    Oscar Night at The Academy
    Hosted by Katya Smirnoff-Skyy
    Viewing, drinks, food, dish
    The Academy, 2166 Market Street
    5–9 pm

    Saturday, March 18
    Krewe de Kinque monthly event
    Midnight Sun, 4067 18th Street
    4–7 pm

    Friday, March 24
    Divas & Drinks
    Monthly party produced by the San Francisco Bay Times & The Academy
    Celebrating Gay Softball League’s 50th Anniversary
    & Women’s History Month
    Emcee Donna Sachet, DJ Christie James
    Bacardí specialty cocktails, Extreme Pizza,
    Olivia Travel, SF Federal Credit Union
    The Academy, 2166 Market Street
    6–10 pm

    Donna’s Chronicles
    Published on March 9, 2023