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    Dykes With Drills: Cutting Drywall

    By Julie Peri–

    A very useful skill to know is how to cut drywall. Drywall, also known as sheetrock, is actually very easy to cut. First, measure for where you want to cut the drywall. Then use a straightedge, such as a ruler or a level, to draw your line. Box cutters are good for this task.

    Keeping your straightedge on your line, use it as a guide for your box cutter. All you need to do is score your line with the blade. Then, carefully bend the drywall along the line. It should bend easily if you have scored it with your blade. Now you can finish your cut by cutting through the paper on the backside of the drywall sheet. Voila! You now know how to cut drywall. Join us for more fun tips and tricks in person and online.

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    Julie Peri is the Founder and Director of Dykes With Drills.

    Published on August 12, 2021