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    Erma’s Story



    “Maitri saved my life twice. And both times they helped me get healthy and return home to my family.”

    Erma first arrived at Maitri in 2006, very sick with advanced AIDS. When she entered Maitri, Erma was frail and weak, but our staff was able to stabilize her and nurture her back to good health after several months of our signature 24-hour care. Then in 2015, Erma experienced severe medical complications from hepatitis C, which had damaged her liver, and she returned to Maitri under the direct request of her doctor. “Maitri saved my life twice by helping me get healthy and return home,” says Erma.

    Now Erma is at home again to celebrate this Christmas with her family. “Maitri was a place I could get the urgent care I needed to get back on my feet and keep living,” says Erma. “Everyone was so supportive of me and my family over the last 10 years, and I’m happy to say I am now much stronger and still alive—all because of the Maitri family.”

    “My favorite thing at Maitri was bingo night with friends and volunteers,” adds Erma. “And the holiday season there is just beautiful—especially Christmas—and I am truly grateful for all the gifts and love I received.”

    Erma is typical: We provide the nutrition, treatment, and compassion—but our patients bring the courage. Join us in giving others like Erma, who bravely face a life and death struggle with late-stage AIDS, a second chance at a full and independent life. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to support Maitri’s good work for both our hospice residents and for those seeking medical stabilization.

    Maitri has faced increased demand for our services this year, making your gift all the more critical—and impactful. Thank you so much for your generosity and for remembering Maitri’s residents during the holidays. Please go to and make your donation today.

    P.S. Maitri Compassionate Care is a 501(c)3 organization. Please consider making your donation before December 31, 2016, for tax deductibility purposes.

    Michael Smithwick is the Executive Director of Maitri.