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    Foundation Established in Memory of Sergio Klor de Alva

    BT 5.5. 1-32_Page_08_Image_0005Family and friends of Sergio Klor de Alva have just established a 501(c )3 charitable foundation, “In the Interest of Justice.” The fund was set up to grant “Sergio Klor de Alva’s Live Your Dream Awards” to help young professionals with their living expenses so they can accept non-paid internships, with an emphasis given to those interested in politics and effecting social change.

    A visitation and memorial took place earlier this week at the Chapel of the Chimes to honor Klor de Alva, who died after celebrating his 24th birthday in a car accident on Highway 1 just south of Devil’s Slide. Although tunnels between Pacifica and Montara were built at great expense ($439 million) to improve traffic safety in the area, the region has a long history of accidents, landslides and other problems. The tunnels opened in 2013.

    According to information shared by Julie Goodson Lawes, Klor de Alva held local and congressional internships and volunteered on many campaigns he believed in, both for candidates in the Bay Area (former San Francisco Bay Times contributor Joel Engardio for D7 Supervisor, Scott Wiener for State Senate, Julie Christensen for D3 Supervisor, Dave Cortese for Mayor, Mike Honda for Congress, Cesar Zepeda for Richmond City Council) and for specific initiatives (Organizing for Action for healthcare access, California Clean Money Campaign). He learned to canvas, coordinate and inspire volunteers, to write and speak eloquently about people and issues, and to manage the large and small details of campaigns.

    Goodson Lawes wrote that Klor de Alva spoke often about the privilege he had in being able to follow his dream without having to worry about how he would pay the bills. He recognized how lucky he was to pursue his dreams, including interning at jobs with no pay, to grow his resume. When he transitioned from volunteer internships to paid staff, he realized this was only possible because of the many hours, days and weeks he had spent working for free. He always thought it was a travesty that not everyone interested in political service and making change could afford that same luxury.

    Information about the foundation and awards are to be posted at Klor de Alva’s Facebook page, which has now become a memorial to his life and achievements.