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    Golden State Warriors’ Autographed Basketball Auctioned Off at Divas & Drinks @ The Academy

    Former Mr. International Leather and auctioneer extraordinaire, Lenny Broberg, made a surprise appearance at the March 24, 2023, Divas & Drinks @ The Academy SF event benefiting the San Francisco Gay Softball League (SFGSL), which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

    Broberg was ably assisted by event emcee Donna Sachet, who wore an elegant ensemble for the first part of the evening before stripping it off to reveal an “SF Knockers” uniform.

    A few different bidders, including Mary Conde of Another Planet Entertainment, competed to obtain a basketball signed by Golden State Warriors star Jordan Poole.

    A latecomer into the bidding, however, was Dr. Betty Sullivan of “Betty’s List” and co-publisher of the San Francisco Bay Times. Sullivan was a skilled basketball player in high school and college—becoming her team’s captain—and remains an avid sports fan. See what happened!

    Golden State Warriors basketball signed by Jordan Poole that was auctioned off at the 3/24/23 Divas & Drinks @ The Academy SF event benefiting the San Francisco Gay Softball League.

    Michelle Jester eloquently spoke about the history of the SFGSL. She brought vintage baseball jerseys worn by SFGSL players as well as historic photos. In addition to SFGSL team members, other local LGBTQ sports teams, from bowling to rugby, were recognized at the event, as were members of the San Francisco Dykes on Bikes®, including President Kate Brown.

    The event additionally celebrated Women’s History Month and honored the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women. Commission President Dr. Shokooh Miry spoke, as did Commissioner Sophia Andary, who is a Co-Founder of the Women’s March.

    Yet another memorable moment of the event, featuring well-known DJ Christie James of iHeartRadio, was a “Happy Birthday” singalong for San Francisco Bay Times columnist and tireless LGBTQ community volunteer Joanie Juster. She was presented with flowers and a cake, while guests enjoyed slices of another cake brought in by Juan Davila of the Bay Times.

    Divas & Drinks @ The Academy SF is co-presented by the San Francisco Bay Times and The Academy SF. The next one, featuring Frameline, will be on April 28, 2023. That happens to be the birthday week of Sullivan and Sachet. The April event, being planned with SF Pride President Nguyen Pham, also of Frameline, promises to be yet another great evening in the Castro.