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    Happy Pride Month!

    Happy Pride Month, everyone! San Francisco Dykes on Bikes® got off to a roaring start this Pride! On June 1, 2024, our patch-holders participated in both Sonoma and Pacifica Pride and on Sunday rode in the Clayton Pride Parade. All the parades were wonderful celebrations. SFDOB has previously ridden in Sonoma and Clayton Prides and this was our first year joining
    Pacifica for their celebration.

    This year the California Legislative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Caucus selected Soni Wolf to be a 2024 Pride month honoree, posthumously, at the California Legislative LGBTQ Pride month ceremony at the California State Capitol! Attending were openly LGBTQ+
    members of the California State Senate and State Assembly from the
    Caucus, whose purpose is to expand and protect the rights of our community through legislation.

    Kate Brown (2nd from right) accepting recognition on behalf of Soni Wolf (deceased) at the California State Assembly Floor as part of the Pride Month celebration

    Soni, one of the founding members of San Francisco Dykes, was recognized by the CA Legislative LGBTQ Caucus for advancing representation and being an inspiration in the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. Reflecting on accepting the presentation on her behalf, I can think of no better year to honor Soni, who helped create, define, and defend a unique space within
    the LGBTQ+ community; her dedication to and endeavors in the LGBTQ+ community were recognized under the 2024 theme of “Outlaws and Trailblazers.”

    The day began with a Dykes on Bikes motorcycle procession, across the Sacramento bridge, through downtown Sacramento to the California State Capitol building. Members of the LGBTQ Caucus and their honorees rode with us between a mix of motorcycles and convertibles. Engines roared and
    our passengers waved Pride flags. It was loud and proud, and I’m certain
    there were more than a few “once in a lifetime” experiences had that morning while we made our way to the Capital Mall. After a press conference and some amazing photo ops, we made our way into the
    Capital building.

    Kate Brown in the CA State Capital beneath a picture of Soni SHS Wolf, who was recognized posthumously for their work in the LGBTQ Community by the CA LGBTQ Congressional Caucus

    As part of accepting the award on Soni’s behalf, I witnessed firsthand
    the presentation and passing of House Resolution 101 and Senate
    Resolution 96 on the California Assembly Floor and California
    Senate Floor, respectively. On both the Assembly and Senate floors
    there was wonderful, positive support from the California Legislative
    Black, Jewish, Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander, Native American,
    and Women’s Caucuses, who shared their affirmations to supporting
    LGBTQ+ Pride month, highlighting the intersections across caucuses floor, it’s important to recognize the noise from those who seek to oppress us as just that—noise. We can never let our guard down as we seek to ensure equality for all the LGBTQ+ community. While this is always true, it is highlighted this year, as our rights are under attack from no less than 515 different bills and resolutions across the U.S., in an election year with profound consequences for the LGBTQ+ community, and especially in
    consideration of the impact many of these legislative efforts will have on trans, non-binary, and intersex youth.

    The group on the steps of the California State Capital with Senator Susan
    Eggman (center, podium) and others

    Three Pride Parades, one motorcycle procession with California assemblymembers, senators, and their honorees as passengers on our pilons through Sacramento to the State Capital, accepting honors on behalf of Soni, one of our founding members … what a start!

    With that, we turn to activities for the San Francisco LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations. This will be our 48th year leading our Pride Parade and we are excited to be a part of the 54th annual San Francisco Pride Parade on June 30. We welcome both participants and volunteers to come ride with us! To register to ride with us, please go to

    San Francisco Dykes on Bikes at Pacifica Pride, June 1st

    And we are always grateful to our incredible team of volunteers of riders and non-riders alike. More information, including how to volunteer with us, can be found at

    Lastly, we want to warmly welcome everyone to attend our annual Pride Saturday Fundraiser on Saturday June 29, from 12:30 pm–3:30 pm at The
    Academy SF. This social club has been so welcoming of the entire LGBTQIA+ community, and, of course, it is the location for the fabulous Divas & Drinks party every month. Come join us at The Academy SF (2166 Market Street) for dancing (music from DJ Rockaway), auction prizes, and more! You can also register to ride with us at the Parade and pick up our limited-edition t-shirts and Dykes on Bikes® merch. Our midday event puts you right in the
    heart of the Castro and allows for plenty of time to experience all the activities on Pride Saturday.

    Kate Brown, Ph.D., is the President of San Francisco Dykes on Bikes® Women’s Motorcycle Contingent.

    San Francisco Dykes on Bikes at Sonoma Pride, June 1st

    Dykes on Bikes® Tales From Two Wheels
    Published on June 13, 2024