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    Harvey Milk Foundation Statement

    Following the announcement that the United States Postal Service first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony of the Harvey Milk Forever Stamp will take place at the White House on May 22, Harvey Milk’s nephew and co-founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation Stuart Milk released the following statement:

    “A stamp dedication ceremony on May 22 at the White House comes with incredibly special significance for both place and date. President Obama and his administration have provided the nation with steadfast and trend setting leadership in support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in the US and abroad. May 22, Harvey Milk Day, is celebrated annually on my uncle’s birthday as an official California State holiday and is recognized in communities around the world as a day for all minority groups to collaborate on the vigilance needed to achieve fully inclusive human rights for everyone, everywhere.»

    “The entire Milk family joins me in thanking President Obama and the longtime allies and champions of LGBT inclusive diversity as exemplified by Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, all of the LGBT leaders who have stood on uncle Harvey›s shoulders to run for and serve openly in public office, and each and every LGBT individual who go about their daily life with authenticity, refusing to hide who they are and who they love. Together, all of us, continue to move humanity forward, bending that arc of the moral universe ever closer to justice.»

    “As letters and postcards are sent across the nation and around the globe, they can now bear the face of a man, my uncle, who gave his life in the struggle for human rights to ensure equality for every minority group and marginalized community. The Harvey Milk Forever Stamp, which further memorializes Harvey›s legacy of hope, is a gift to help us all remember where we’ve been and the work we still need to do.”

    “Uncle Harvey, a pioneering spirit of the 20th century, is in my life and in my heart every day. Through my work with the Harvey Milk Foundation, I’ve seen the power of his courage and the example of his voice, which was brutally silenced by hate, continue to touch lives and inspire hope. It’s an extraordinary power that uniquely transcends national borders and languages.”

    In addition to the official first day issuance ceremony at the White House, the Harvey Milk Foundation is working with the USPS on a special public dedication event to be scheduled at the end of May in San Francisco. Other recognition events and details will be made available once they have been confirmed.

    This stamp came to fruition due to overwhelming support from the American public. The Harvey Milk Foundation thanks its partners, the Victory Fund, the Task Force and the visionary leadership of the International Court System.