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    Help Save the Historic Grubstake Diner While Supporting New Housing

    The historic Grubstake diner, located at 1525 Pine Street, has been serving late-night patrons since the late 1960s, but its roots in the city go back at least 100 years. Polk Gulch, where the restaurant is located, was San Francisco’s first gay neighborhood with the humble Grubstake being a landmark destination there.

    With the Grubstake’s fate now in question, LGBTQ+ community leaders have been working to support the preservation of this beloved gathering spot, home away from home to generations of queer activists, community leaders, and allies. The owners’ proposed new building will offer 21 units of middle-income housing above a rebuilt Grubstake.

     “The project has faced numerous delays due to the objections of some residents of the fairly new condo development next door, called the Austin,” co-owner Jimmy Consos said. “Despite the Grubstake team’s efforts to address their concerns, some of these condo owners have filed a baseless appeal of the project’s Planning Commission approvals to the Board of Supervisors, which could hold up further the much-delayed project.”

    A rally will take place on Monday, September 27, at noon in front of the Grubstake to support not only the diner but also the proposed addition of much-needed new housing in the city. Please consider attending.

    Please also consider signing the petition for LGBTQ community members and allies:

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