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    Honorary Recognitions Presented to AGUILAS for 30 Years of Community Service

    By Eduardo Morales, Ph.D.–

    At the 30th Anniversary Celebration of AGUILAS providing services to the community, held on May 24, 2024, there was a large crowd of supporters who cheered as the organization received honorary recognitions from the State of California legislature and from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. AGUILAS staff and board members were thrilled to receive these recognitions, especially since AGUILAS is the oldest Latinx LGBTQI+ organization in all the Americas.

    The celebration included food and drinks along with entertainment by Mexican drag queen Betty Fresas. The event was funded by the Horizons Foundation through a special grant. Three AGUILAS participants received certificates of completion for attending the advanced training provided through the organization’s La Academia as funded by the ViiV HealthCare Foundation.

    AGUILAS continues to provide all services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and is awaiting continued funding by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development. There are several grants under review that would allow AGUILAS to enhance and expand its services to the community.

    Information about AGUILAS and services currently offered can be found at

    Eduardo Morales, Ph.D. is a Professor Emeritus, retired Distinguished Professor, and current adjunct professor at Alliant International University. He is also a licensed psychologist and a founder and current Executive Director of AGUILAS, an award-winning program for Latinx LGBTQ+. Of Puerto Rican decent, he has received numerous distinguished awards and citations, including being named a Fellow of 12 divisions of the American Psychological Association.

    Nuestra Voz
    Published on June 13, 2024