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    In Memoriam

    Mary Oliver
    Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award and numerous recognitions, poet Mary Oliver was often compared with Emily Dickinson for her artistry and introspection. She and her partner, photographer Molly Malone Cook, were together for more than forty years and lived primarily in Provincetown, Massachusetts. For more information about her life and work:

    Deborah Schatzlein
    The Co-Owner of Bink wines ( ) with Cindy Paulson, her partner of 27 years, Deborah Schatzlein was loved throughout the LGBTQ and winemaker communities for her expertise, professionalism, generosity and welcoming spirit. She often helped to host wine tasting events and attended the annual NCLR Anniversary Gala, where her wines were served.

    Larry Schmidt
    Admired for his kind spirit and annual free Wobblin Gobblins show at Halloween, Larry Schmidt was an accomplished artist and devoted spouse with his partner for almost 43 years, Carl Linkhart. The founder of the Driveway Follies dedicated to “marionette magic” ( ), Schmidt once said, “I don’t feel like I’m suing Halloween to express my individuality; I feel like Halloween uses me to express itself.”