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    Inside Out is Going Easy

    By Cinder Ernst

    We are changing our name to Easy Fitness! Why, you might ask? Because when you use the Inside Out Fitness techniques, the result is that you exercise easily. Easy Fitness works great for reluctant exercisers because our systems are based on the Easy Fitness Success Formula:

    “Doing what I said I would do about exercise, consistently and without struggle.”

    This formula was partially derived from the teachings of my mentor, Dr. Maria Nemeth, as she helps people in her book Mastering Life’s Energies.

    As we look at the first part of the formula, it says “doing what I said I would do.” That line is a kicker because we usually let other people—doctors, TV stars and more—influence or dictate what we decide to do about exercise. This usually leads to us hardly exercising at all because that information just doesn’t work for most people. Think about this for a minute: How many times have you tried to follow traditional fitness guidelines? It doesn’t work, so you might stop trying. Maybe your friends or family struggle with fitness too.

    CinderSportsHow do you then decide what to say you will do? At Easy Fitness, we approach exercise as an inside job. We look at how you’re feeling physically in this moment to help you figure out what’s next. In this way, we help you keep your exercise practice appropriate and doable. After all, if it’s appropriate and doable, then you have a pretty good shot at doing it consistently. This appropriate and doable procedure satisfies the first part of the Easy Fitness Success Formula: doing what I said I would do about exercise consistently. You decide on a path that is just right for you. Can you feel the empowerment in that?

    There is no hurry tied to all of this. You have the rest of your life to figure this fitness thing out. Set aside any regrets or worry; they will not help you. We’re going to help you figure out your next best step.

    When was the last time you exercised consistently? Never, too long ago to remember, or not in the last year? If this is you, then you could begin with a small sweet step. Do something that takes about 2 minutes and do it every day for a week. A small thing done each day with some ease will give you momentum in the Easy Fitness direction. Focus on building a good feeling momentum that comes from doing something easy and doable. Then you increase 1 minute at a time. Don’t sign up for a marathon just yet! Some examples to start with are:

    • A 1-minute walk, march around, chair dance or kitchen dance and then a Flop Over hamstring stretch.
    • There are many knee healing and back healing small step exercises posted on YouTube. Search for Cinder Ernst. My favorite beginning exercise is the Tush Tilt and you can find it on YouTube or in the September 1 San Francisco Bay Times Combine it with the Flop Over.

    Do you have knee pain?

    • Try the Miracle Knee Exercise which you can find in the September 22 San Francisco Bay Times Combine it with the Flop Over. You can also get great knee healing info at

    Do you have back pain?

    • Try the back-pain relief exercises from the October 20 San Francisco Bay Times Combine these with the Flop Over.

    Below are instructions for the Flop Over stretch, which creates flexibility in the back of your legs (calf muscle), the back of your thighs (hamstring muscle) and your lower back. Stretching these particular muscles can reduce foot, knee, hip and back pain. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

    Stand in front of your bed or table or desk. Keep your legs pretty straight. Bend forward from the waist, resting your upper body on the bed. At a table or desk, you might fold your arms and let your forehead rest there. This is supported forward flexion. Many people just bend over and try to touch their toes—not a good idea— as this is unsupported forward flexion. Support yourself!

    Cinder Ernst, Medical Exercise Specialist and Life Coach Extraordinaire, helps reluctant exercisers get moving with safe, effective and fun programs. Find out more at