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    Inspired by Cris Williamson, Singer/Songwriter Rachel Garlin Crafts Her Own Unique Sound

    inspiredIt is hard not to be charmed by Rachel Garlin’s lyrical ease. Influenced by Cris Williamson, Garlin reminds us that great storytelling still exists in today’s music. The mental images that she weaves, from a lonely dog (“Five Minutes”) to airport drama (“Airplane Love Letter”), both connect with listeners and pique curiosity. This is music to cozy up to, when you can quiet your mind and escape into the songs.

    We are lucky that Garlin lives right here in San Francisco with her wife and two young boys. She grew up in Berkeley, but later moved to New York and traveled extensively. Her forthcoming release, Wink at July, takes us to varied settings: the isles of Scotland, the subways of New York and the hills of the Bay Area. The album, which comes out next month, also hosts a cast of characters with whom we can relate to in unexpected ways. Some of them are undoubtedly Garlin herself, but others are drawn from stories she has absorbed during her work as an educator and artist.

    As for her live performances, they bring together a natural stage presence and the same folk, rock, roots and bluegrass sensibilities that can beinspired2 heard on her recordings. Maybe you’ll hear a touch of Cris Williamson in there too? We were delighted when Garlin agreed to share her thoughts about Williamson, so please read on!