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    International Recording Artist Raquela

    In this installment of Gems of the Bay, I bring you singer/songwriter and international recording artist, Raquela. Born in Concord, California, and raised in Sacramento, Raquela is a powerhouse of entertainment.

    At the age of 7, Raquela began her musical journey. By the age of 9 she was learning to play the guitar, and by the age of 11 she transcended into singing opera.

    Raquela is the oldest of three children. She has a sister (2 years younger) and brother (7 years younger) from the loving parents of Fred and Elizabeth Burt.

    Raquela studied opera at Biola University for 3 years, but then decided Broadway was what she really wanted. She now holds a BFA from UC Irvine and worked on Broadway for 18 years. While on Broadway, Raquela wrote an electronica musical called “Confessions of a Disco Diva,” which was workshopped at NYU. She was nominated for an Obie award and later received many Best Actress awards from her kindred Broadway community.

    When the tragedy of 9/11 occurred, Broadway producers switched gears in their casting, launching Raquela into a different direction. She realized it was time to reinvent herself.

    She connected with WKTU, where she found a manager (Larry Vee) who helped begin her recording career. She found herself opening for legendary Freestyle Pop stars like Judy Torres, Jonny O, George LaMond, Stevie B and Susie Q.

    Raquela’s musical influences are based on strong women performers such as Shannon, Annie Lennox, Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand. “It doesn’t matter to me if others find me so different,” Raquela says. “I know who I am. Despite the fact that I was severely bullied, have A.D.D. and dyslexia, my music and my voice will always define who I really am.”

    Raquela has hit Billboard 5 times, placing twice near the Top 40. She is a member of the Grammys and is currently working with Paul Brewer (Sweet Feet Music), DJ X, local SF favorite Tweaka Turner and legendary artist/producer, Leo Frappier (Hit Save Music). Raquela is also now raising funds for her new dance record project, “OMG, I Just Keep On Dancin’, which will take place at The Edge Bar on September 9 in San Francisco.

    Raquela is an avid humanitarian and gives her talents endlessly toward many charitable organizations. She also holds several titles within the community she loves. These titles include Sacramento Imperial Court “Imperial Princess of Song,” Sacramento Ducal Court “1st Lady of Melodies,” San Francisco Ducal Court “Dame of the Royal Lullabies and Song of Gold,” Alameda Ducal Court “Lady Songbird of the Ginjerberry,” and Mama’s Family “Mama’s Superstar.”

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    Photo courtesy of Kippy Marks

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