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    Lit Snax 11.3.23

    Movies That Made Me Gay by Larry Duplechan

    Duplechan has concocted a relentlessly witty autobiography in the form of a pop-culturally erudite examination of movies from a queer, African-American POV.

    In The Act by Rachel Ingalls

    After reading this weird and incredible novel, we at Fabulosa have decided Ingalls is tied with Shirley Jackson in the ability to perfectly encapsulate 20th century housewife ennui. 

    Prequel: An American Fight Against Facism by Rachel Maddow

    Intrepid journalist, historian, and out lesbian Rachel Maddow explains how the right-wing plot to ally the U.S. with fascism in the years leading up to WWII was thwarted. It’s a story (thrillingly told) that couldn’t be more pertinent today, given that the usual suspects are at it again.

    Lit Snax
    Published on November 2, 2023