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    Lit Snax: 9.8.22

    My Government Means to Kill Me by Rasheed Newson

    This ultra-vivid coming-of-age story follows the exploits of a young Black man in AIDS-ravaged 1980s New York. Replete with cameos from historical figures, humor, heartbreak and lots of action, this novel has it all.

    X: A Novel by Davey Davis

    Set in a tyrannical and apocalyptic near-future, this story wends its way through warehouses, bathrooms, and dungeons full of sex and violence. And guess what? We have signed copies!

    Invitation to the Fabulosa Birthday Celebration

    Thursday, September 15, is Fabulosa’s First Birthday! We’ll be giving away free bubbly and there may even be balloons!

    Lit Snax
    Published on September 8, 2022