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    Lit Snax: Fabulosa Books 1.13.22

    (Editor’s Note: When Alvin Orloff opened Fabulosa Books in the Castro, maintaining 489 Castro Street’s long history of housing a bookstore, we were overjoyed and grateful. It is such a comforting and welcoming destination, thanks to Orloff, his team, the setting, and the store’s thoughtful selections. Please support it, and the Castro’s other local businesses.

    As Orloff and his team write: “Our shelves are stocked with both best-sellers and all manner of wondrous, rare, and delightful titles you never knew you’d love. Given the Castro district’s pivotal role in queer history, we specialize in LGBTQ+ books, but science & nature writing, ethnic studies, witchcraft, poetry, progressive politics, history, cookbooks, sci-fi, and all types of literature are also well represented. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll order it!”

    We have been sharing news about Fabulosa Books for a while in the San Francisco Bay Times, but this issue—our first for 2022—marks the launch of a new dedicated column spotlighting noteworthy selections from this truly fabulous store.)

    Matrix by Lauren Groff

    A quietly beautiful novel about the trials of joys of medieval convent life, portrayed through protective Abbess Marie. It’s a testament to all the ways women can love women.

    Black Water Sister by Zen Cho

    A closeted young queer woman is dragged kicking and screaming into the rich ecosystem of South East Asian gods, ghosts, and spirits.

    100 Boyfriends by Brontez Purnell

    A sassy, sexy, utterly original and somewhat kaleidoscopic look at the lives of young, queer guys in the Bay Area from an author named “one of the 32 black, male writers of our time” by no less of an authority than The New York Times

    Published on January 13, 2022