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    MISTR: PrEP Prescribed Online and Delivered to Your Door

    Tristan Schukraft

    MISTR is a gay-owned and operated telemedicine business founded by the company’s president and CEO Tristan Schukraft with the goal of making PrEP available to all who need it. The online site ( ) makes it possible for HIV-negative adults (18+) to access physicians virtually and receive free delivery of prescriptions. Judgement-free treatment is possible from the privacy of home. MISTR has also launched a female-focused brand, SISTR (

    “It took a long time to build the platform,” Schukraft said in an interview with Technology Innovations, “and, of course, there were many who didn’t see the potential of telemedicine, but with COVID all that changed.” Schukraft spent a full year researching before launching MISTR in 2018. The company is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida.

    To participate, customers answer some basic health questions to create a confidential and secure profile. A lab test that can be completed from home is required to test for HIV, Hepatitis B, and kidney function. An at-home test kit is mailed upon request and samples can be mailed back for processing of results without delay. Testing can also be done in-person at 2,200 locations around the U.S.

    Doctors review the results and information submitted and prescribe PrEP if deemed appropriate. Video consultations with a MISTR physician can be scheduled, and online chat or phone calls are also possible.

    Once approved, the prescription is shipped and typically arrives between 1–2 business days later shipped by Priority Mail, FedEx, UPS, or local courier. Packaging is discreet with no labeling to indicate contents. Prescriptions are renewed every three months.

    MISTR can be accessed 24-hours a day online. Calls are responded to between 10 am–8 pm (Eastern), Monday through Friday.

    There is no charge for the service, and all insurance except Kaiser is accepted to cover the cost of the medication. Patience assistance programs may be available to anyone who is uninsured.

    Learn more from Tristan Schukraft on YouTube:

    Published on August 11, 2022