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    My First and Last Love Letter

    Dear My One and Only Stu Smith,

    I wanted to send you a letter of love, gratitude and praise. I have never loved another human being as much as I love you! I wake up thinking about you. I can see the sleep in your eyes and can feel your warmth. My soul embraces you and I am filled with drive and comfort. Comfort has been present from day one and it has never left.

    I’m looking through all of our photos that we have taken, and I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I am so thankful our love has grown and will grow forever. Growing up, I had five examples of what relationships could turn out to be. I took many mental notes, and found that their lifestyle may not be my path. My soul is at ease and knows Stu Smith is my path and lover. My equal, my other half, mentor and comedic comrade.

    I praise your strength one day at a time and look up to you. I praise your ability to accept life and move forward. I praise your thoughts and insight. I praise your sense of comedy. Laughter is one of our dear friends, and I love to laugh with you. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t stop and marvel at our amazing love and partnership.

    You, Stu Smith, are my husband, partner and mentor. Hell, you’re my everything. I can’t think of anyone else I would want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you to pieces. Kisses.

    Dave Earl-Smith

    My life is amazing right now because of you.

    I am grateful right now because of you.

    My soul flies right now because of you.

    My thoughts are recognized right now because of you.

    My love is overflowing right now because of you.

    My heart is comforted right now because of you.

    My feelings of the world are secure right now because of you.

    Because of you, I can be William David Earl.

    You are you.

    I am I.

    We are we.

    Love is Love.

    Souls are souls.

    Life just works,

    One Day at a Time.