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    Overheard at Greens Restaurant

    Leah Garchik and David Landis at Greens

    We were delighted this week to see the return of Leah Garchik to the San Francisco Chronicle. Her column “Public Eavesdropping” has at last returned to the Datebook! One of Garchik’s many claims to fame is her knack for overhearing witty, important and/or otherwise interesting comments while out and about in the Bay Area.

    What you might not know is that Garchik is a vegetarian. Since it is the 40th Anniversary of Greens restaurant, we decided to turn the tables on her and San Francisco Bay Times columnist (“The Gay Gourmet”) David Landis, listening in on their comments about the fabled Fort Mason destination. The two are good friends who have indeed dined together at

    Server Karina Winkler presented dessert at Greens’ 40th Anniversary dinner with guest chef Alice Waters. Thanks to Winkler for helping with the Greens photos in our prior issue. Other famous guest chefs will be featured at the restaurant this year. For more information:

    Greens. (See the article from our prior issue about some of the secrets to this restaurant’s success, as well as Berkeley’s Chez Panisse )

    Garchik said: “I’ve been a vegetarian for 50 years, an acknowledged and admitted pain-in-the-behind to friends who like steakhouses. So soon after it opened, the first time I visited Greens, I felt like Eve given a chance to re-visit the Garden of Eden. I could eat everything! My only regret is that there aren’t enough deep-fried menu selections.”

    Landis added: “Greens is certainly memorable for its one-of-a-kind Golden Gate Bridge and Bay view. It’s a must when you have out-of-town guests. Beyond that, restaurateur and chef Annie Somerville was truly the first to elevate vegetarian cooking to culinary excellence.”

    He continued, “The pasta dishes are among The Gay Gourmet’s favorites, as are the griddle cakes and the pizzas. Truth be told, there’s nothing like sipping a glass of bubbly Cremant from their well-curated wine list while watching the sea lions, the pelicans, and those magnificent views toward the Pacific Ocean.”