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    Rainbows Appeared in the Night Sky Over the Castro During Pride Weekend

    Beautiful, brightly hued rainbows flowed over the Castro on the night of Saturday, June 24, ahead of the Pride Parade the next day. The wizards behind the sky show were Patrick and Hossein Carney of The Pink Triangle Project and Obscura Digital, which is known for high-impact projection installations around the world. With Illuminate the Arts, Obscura Digital created the psychedelic projections on the Conservatory of Flowers, for example. That display will continue through the summer.

    The rainbows were more ephemeral, however, lasting just that memorable Pride weekend, similar to the here today, gone tomorrow Pink Triangle on Twin Peaks. Karl the Fog played a role too, as the original plan for June 24 was to project individuals blowing kisses on the Pink Triangle. That happened for a while, and members of our team who saw the kisses loved the playful imagery. When Karl settled in, covering views, the Carneys and Obscura Digital programmers had to think fast.

    Using similar lights, they transformed the more detail-oriented videos of kisses into colorful rainbows. The display added a dreamy touch of LGBT energy to the celebrations for Pride 2017.

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