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    Ring Them Bells

    BT052914-ONLINE-5Since June is upon us and Gay Pride and marriage equality are on my mind, I am taking a break from remodeling to share some of my favorite ideas for creating a unique, romantic and memorable wed­ding celebration.

    Conventional weddings have grown in­credibly stale from a lack of imagination and adherence to traditions that have lost their meaning. Since we now have the op­portunity to plan our own versus other people’s weddings, the time has come to start new traditions that reflect the cre­ative spirit of the gay community without rehashing the monotony of something old, new, borrowed and blue.







    The Big Picture

    This article was inspired by the stunning photographs of same-sex couples taken by Braden Summers that opened my eyes to the opportunity of reinventing the design aesthetic of weddings. Admittedly, Mr. Summers staged his photographs using models in exotic locations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a similar effect with a little imagination and the beautiful scenery of San Francisco. Imagine project­ing a large-scale photomontage of you and your intended as the backdrop for your ceremony or as a focal point at the recep­tion. This is a beautiful way to record the story of your love with pictures and images that last a lifetime.

    Dress Code

    Rented tuxedoes and one-time use gowns are examples of wedding traditions that are long past their prime. Establish a dress code for your wedding that is readily ac­cessible to your guests and reflects the tone that you want to set for the event. If you want to have some fun with the dress code, outfit your wedding party in vintage ap­parel from your favorite era or encourage your guests to attend in clothing inspired by your ancestry. Keep it festive, fun and relaxed, so that the dress code doesn’t be­come a barrier to enjoyment.









    Living Arrangements

    Another way to create a lasting memory of your wedding day is to use potted flowers, plants and trees in lieu of cut flowers. These living arrangements can be given to guests as favors, planted in your own yard or donated to a local park in honor of your wedding celebration. This concept will help you create a beauti­ful and dramatic setting while being sensitive to the environment as well.


    Gift Registry

    Most same-sex couples get married later in life and don’t need wedding gifts to set up their household. Rather than specifying “No Gifts” on the invitation, create a food registry that allows your guests to contrib­ute food and wine to the festivities, or des­ignate a charity to which your guests can make contributions in your honor. This is a great way to invite participation by your guests in a thoughtful manner.

    A wedding provides an opportunity to share the story of your love with friends and family through words, images and a beautiful setting. It’s not the tuxedos, gowns, flowers and food that people re­member about a wedding; it is being part of a joyous celebration that touches peo­ple’s hearts and creates a lasting memory.

    Jim Tibbs is the creative director of HDR Remod­eling. If you would like to learn more, please read his blog at or follow him on Twitter @HDRremodeling1