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    San Francisco Pride Parade 2023 – ‘Looking Back and Moving Forward’

    San Francisco Pride President Nguyen Pham along with other board members, staff, volunteers, and supporters carried the banner officially opening the 53rd Annual SF LGBT Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25.

    “Pride was founded as a riot and has since evolved into a celebration, which is a powerful mode of collective resistance,” said Pham. “We are thrilled to be celebrating these most honorable luminaries, all of whom reflect the evolution not only of the makeup of our community, but also of our broader movement and where we’re going. The inclusivity of this group is an uplifting representation of our queer POC community especially. Given the tidal wave of bigotry in red states, namely the record number of anti-queer and anti-trans legislative actions, this cohort of our honorees is at the leading edge of our fight against the hate.”

    As in previous years, the Dykes on BikesÒ motorcycle contingent launched from their lineup position from the California & Drumm intersection on Market Street. They were accompanied by participants riding scooters, bicycles, and more. Kate Brown, Ph.D., who is the Dykes on Bikes President, and other officers led the way as the first to complete the route. Accompanying the contingent was their legendary service vehicle, the “K. Anne Rickertsen Memorial Helmet Truck,” fully staffed by its volunteer team.

    Also appearing early in the Parade were the Resistance Contingent and contingents representing Congressional, California State Legislature, and City of San Francisco elected officials and department leaders; and vehicles transporting the 2023 SF Pride Parade Grand Marshals.

    Upon completing the Parade route, participants were welcomed to the turning point at 8th Street by Suzanne Ford, SF Pride Executive Director, and a core of dedicated Parade volunteers.

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    Published on July 13, 2023