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    Silicon Pride

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    On behalf of the Board, welcome, and we sincerely thank you for supporting Silicon Valley Pride and the Valley’s diverse LGBT community.

    Our theme this year is DIVERSITY,  INCLUSION,  SUCCESS.

    We are extremely excited about the entertainment and fun we have in store for you.

    For the first time, we are starting the celebrations with a night opening. On Saturday night, August 27, SV Pride 2016 presents an EDM night festival complete with high-tech laser-light show, exciting games and more.

    On Sunday, we start off with the parade, which has grown significantly from last year. The festival grounds open once again, providing electrifying music from live bands, popular Jamaican and Latino artists as well as fun and engaging entertainment for kids.

    We will also be remembering and paying tribute to the fallen victims of Orlando.

    We must continue to fight for justice for those subjected to harsh discriminatory actions. We must continue to push for diversity and inclusion in every aspect of life. For we need not look further than Mississippi, North Carolina, or the tragedy in Orlando, to be reminded that the struggle is real.

    Forty-one years ago, we believed in shaping a just and fair society that embraces diversity and inclusion.

    Today, we still believe. For only through gathering and including the wonderfully diverse voices of the Valley can we truly achieve success.

    Believe, a word that has the power to move us forward, towards a more just, diverse and inclusive society.

     be·lieve   be-lēv   verb   1.  accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.

    We welcome you to join with us and believe!


    Thaddeus Campbell


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