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    Sister Dana sez, “BURNING MAN officially begins on August 28 this year…”

    Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun–

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

    Sister Dana sez, “BURNING MAN officially begins on August 28 this year. But this nun will not be participating in ‘That Thing in the Desert’ this time as he is just too old for camping in the dust—but wishes everyone a safe and very happy trip!”

    Signed by President Joe Biden, the INFLATION REDUCTION ACT invests $370 billion in low-emission energy, extends federal health-insurance subsidies, allows the government to negotiate prescription drug prices for seniors on Medicare, and is expected to reduce the deficit by about $300 billion over ten years. Sister Dana sez, “It was passed overwhelmingly by Democrats. So, Republicans: As Janet Jackson might sing: ‘What Have You Done for US Lately?!’”

    I have to give props to the ALICE B. TOKLAS LGBTQ DEMOCRATIC CLUB, HARVEY MILK LGBTQ DEMOCRATIC CLUB HIV CAUCUS, and HIV ACTION NETWORK and other supporters who put on the stunning demonstration, DAAMN (DEMAND ACTION AGAINST MONKEYPOX NOW!). Demonstrators complained that the MPX outbreak is spreading in our communities, while the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) prioritize bureaucracy over preventing and mitigating this outbreak and supporting impacted communities with resources including access to treatment. Activists protested outside the regional office of HHS in the Federal Building in downtown San Francisco on August 8, calling on Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra to immediately increase access to treatment, testing, and vaccines for those at risk. We refuse to allow government inaction to continue to cause pain in our communities. While acknowledging that recent federal and state declarations are designed to reduce red tape barriers, we need actions that yield immediate results on the ground, including expanded access to testing, vaccinations, and treatment—as well as looking ahead to longer-term needs like accelerating production of vaccinations.

    I might add, we should be able to schedule appointments ahead—and not be forced to stand in excruciatingly long, long lines!

    Sister Dana sez, “We know Trump cannot be President again because of the 14th Amendment, Section 3: ‘No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress … or hold any office under the United States or any State who … shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against [the Constitution].’ We DO still believe in the Constitution, don’t we?!”

    On August 11, THE COCKETTES took their final bows (at least for now) at THE JAMES C. HORMEL LGBTQIA+ CENTER for a lovely white wine and Godiva chocolate reception. This was the final day of a months-long tribute to the wild and wonderful drag troupe and their excellently recorded book, The Cockettes: Acid Drag and Sexual Anarchy, 1969–1972 by (actual Cockette, “Fayetta”) Fayette Hauser. Testimonials were given in front of big TV screens showing various classic Cockette films—my fave being Elevator Girls in Bondage. My greatest thrill that day was showing Fayette an old photograph we had posed for way back when she was my “date” to this Tenth Anniversary celebration gala fundraiser for the SF LGBT Center—I in a temporary red feather boa and she with a fake mustache on a stick. It gave me such joy to see her laugh so heartily!

    THE SAN FRANCISCO GAY MEN’S CHORUS is pleased to announce the full time hire of Nicolas Perez as Principal Accompanist & Music Supervisor. Artistic Director Jacob Stensberg says, “Nick brings a unique blend of passion and expertise that continues to level up our standard of musical excellence. His heart of gold beats for more than music: he shares in our commitment to foster compassion, build community, and help others. His permanent add to the team bodes very well for the Chorus’ future!”

    Started in 1988, GAPA envisions a powerful queer and transgender Asian and Pacific-Islander (QTAPI) community that is seen, heard, and celebrated. Their mission is to unite their families and allies to build a community through advocacy, inclusion, and love. To find out more about GAPA or to join as a member, go to their website at

    On July 14, the GAPA Board announced that its marquee annual event, RUNWAY, would feature non-gendered pageant winner titles. Instead of the two traditional binary categories of Mr. and Miss GAPA, all Runway contestants would compete in one category; the two winners would be determined by highest overall scores and be able to choose whatever honorific they liked after winning, including Miss or Mr. GAPA if they so chose. In divesting from the gender binary, GAPA hoped to foster in a new Runway era marked by inclusion, community-driven organizing, and abundance. The move is in line with the Board’s 2021 decision to change the GAPA name from “Gay Asian Pacific Alliance” to the “GLBTQ+ ASIAN PACIFIC ALLIANCE.” “GAPA is committed to including all of the Queer and Trans Asian Pacific Island community,” said Howard Chan, GAPA chair.

    Originally started in 1988 by GAPA as an underground house party for LGBTQ+ Asian & Pacific Islanders, Runway has been an annual event for community to gather in safety, solidarity, and celebration. The event has grown to become widely recognized as one of the longest continuously running QTAPI pageants, drawing celebrity judges from all over the world. As generations of contestants have battled it out through rounds of fashion, talent, and Q&As, Runway has always stayed true to its roots. After a COVID-induced hiatus, Runway returned to the stage live, HARMONIC CONVERGENCE, at the Herbst Theater on August 13. Former GAPA royalty Mr. GAPA Sir Whitney Queers & Miss GAPA Jezebel Patel served as hysterical hosts. After several hours of ten contestants displaying talent, showing off couture, and being grilled over and over and over—the results were the two winners, new royalty, who both chose the title of Mx. GAPA 2022: Obsidienne Obsurd & Siam Pussie (the latter also voted by her peers as Miss Congeniality). Congratulations to all!

    Sister Dana sez, “Even though an astonishing 59% of Kansas voted for abortion rights, spiteful Republicans raised money to hold expensive hand re-counts resulting in very little difference. Incredible!”

    AN ART HAPPENING happened on August 14 at The New Farm, 10 Cargo Way, sponsored by ART SAVES LIVES and curator artist Thomasina DeMaio. We danced away to live music. On this farm, there were the occasional live strutting chickens and roosters (Sister Dana loves cocks). Featured talented artists mostly on canvas were Matt Pipes, Kelly Eileen Nelson, Ed Terpening, Birdie-Bob Watt, Bill Bowers, Carl Linkhart, CJ Schake, Ramona Soto, Alan Beckstead, Rene Capone, Diane M. Nutting, and, of course, Thomasina DeMaioMister WA took photos.

    Sister Dana sez, “Crazy Marjorie Taylor Greene has called for the impeachment of Attorney General Merrick Garland. Apparently, she did this on UPSIDE-DOWN BACKWARDS DAY, because the A.G. should impeach MTG!”

    On August 18, I once again enjoyed Zooming in on LOCKDOWN COMEDY with Greg Proops (from LA), Wendy Liebman (also from LA), Ngaio Bealum (from Sacramento), and show producer/comedian Lisa Geduldig. The fun goes on Zoom every third Thursday at 7 pm.

    Sister Dana sez, “Why oh why, Wy-oming, did you pick democracy-denying Harriet Hageman (‘The Hag’) over Representative Liz Cheney? As a state famous for your cattle, why are you following the likes of Trump, that horse’s ass?!”

    On August 20 at the Midnight Sun, KREWE DE KINQUE, a Mardi Gras-themed fundraising social club, held our monthly benefit (produced by Krewe de Kinque founder King I Gary Virginia) when King & Queen XVIII Colby Michaels and Christina Ashton (Jason Seneca) presented a $5,300 check to our BAL MASQUE XIX beneficiary, SOUTH OF MARKET HEALTH CENTERZeke Montejano from the agency was present to gratefully accept the giant check. As everyone knows, it’s been extremely difficult to raise funds in the last two years during the pandemic; yet Colby and Christina and other club members found creative ways to raise funds. And many members helped to make our June Bal Masque XIX a success. Mistress of Ceremonies was Queen XIX Tawdry Hepburnn. Master of Ceremonies was King XIX Mark Hankins (who made deeelicious jambalaya and cornbread for the Beer/Soda Bust). There was lots of live entertainment of course! The theme this month was “Summer of Puppy Love,” so we saw costumes ranging from Summer of Love to Puppy to the Mardi Gras theme and everything in-between. Beads and masks are also always welcome wear at our parties. Queen VII Sister Dana was dressed as an old hippie “flower child” nun happily taking donations at the door.

    Peaches Christ makes her triumphant revisit to Live Acting at the Castro Theatre, August 27, 4 pm & 8 pm in the return of DRAG BECOMES HER—an uproarious theatrical parody of the 1992 camp-classic “DEATH BECOMES HER.” A novelist (BenDeLaCreme) loses her man (Major Scales) to a Drag Race star (Jinkx Monsoon) and former friend, who is looking radiant having taken a mysterious drug from a witch (Peaches) granting eternal life. But immortality has a heavy (if not hilarious) price.

    Sister Dana sez, “S.O.S. in the Castro Theatre! Save Our Seats! Don’t rip out our hearts and rip out the seats! Take your muthahfreakin’ mosh pit elsewhere!!!”

    Published on August 25, 2022