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    Sister Dana sez, “Did everyone make the deadline for IRS taxes?”

    sisterdBy Sister Dana Van Iquity

    Sister Dana sez, “Did everyone make the deadline for IRS taxes? Ya know, if we only vote for that fool Rand Paul, he will do away with the IRS – and Social Security and Medicare and Obamacare and the poor – so no worries, riiiiiiiiiight?! Ya sure!”

    SAN FRANCISCO GAY MEN’S CHORUS presented PASSION, a glorious Two Act choral feast for eyes and ears at Davies Symphony Hall. The evening began with “The Singing Heart” sung by impressive baritone Bob Chilcott. It was followed by the abundantly joyful “How Can I Keep From Singing” by The Chorus. “Dedication” had music by Richard Burchard and text by Mark Twain. It was adapted from a poem by Robert Richardson written on Twain’s daughter’s tombstone.

    Next came a beautiful song cycle—My friend, My Lover: Five Walt Whitman Songs—set to texts by Walt Whitman, a man some consider the greatest gay poet of all times – even though he lived in the 19th century. His poetry was filled with imagery about love and loving men, and it was sung with palpable passion. The song cycle, composed by SFGMC singer Steve Huffines, included “We Two Boys Together Clinging,” and “Are You the New Person Drawn Toward Me?” with fun choreography added, as well as the more serious “City of Friends,” the jazzy R&B style “Native Moments,” and the powerful “Earth! My Likeness.”

    A third piece, #twitterlieder – or “twitter songs” – was 15 tweets set to music expressing an entire lifetime of passions – each with only 140 characters to tell its story – ranging from the tears of joy by a young boy on his birthday to the tears of bittersweetness as youth passes into old age. The music was by James Eakin III, and the lyrics were by Charles Anthony Silvestri. Each tweet was illustrated by different dancers. The piece was aptly first sung at Twitter headquarters.

    Act II was Jake Heggie’s For a Look or a Touch, with music by Jake Heggie and libretto by Gene Scheer. The piece is a most passionate love story about a Nazi homosexual concentration camp survivor. He is visited six decades later by the spirit of his dead boyfriend who was killed at Auschwitz. The beauty and power of their love transcended, not just discrimination, but also torture, and even death. It was sung by the Chorus with Morgan Smith as the ghost visiting Kip Niven, the elderly Holocaust survivor.

    SFGMC and Hadleigh Adams concluded the evening with the very moving “Epilogue: The Narrow Bridge” from Tyler’s Suite, with music by Jake Heggie, lyrics by Pamela Stewart, and orchestration by Carl Pantle. It was a gorgeous night of music and drama!

    Sister Dana sez, “Be sure to come back for more SFGMC on June 26th & 27th to sing along with Elton John favorites at Nourse Theater.

    THE SISTERS OF PERPETUAL INDULGENCE, INC. presented our annual EASTER ANNI-VERSARY PARTY IN THE PARK, known this year as #WTFMARY!? HUNKY JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! Held in Golden Gate Park, the event featured live entertainment emceed by Kitty Tapata & Mutha Chucka. Sister Roma & Sister Dana emceed the Bonnet Contest (giving us the 4th time winner, Disturbia, in a giant decorated chapeau that could have been a float – that’s how wide and tall it was), the Foxy Mary Contest (with a real-life 9-months pregnant contestant about to give birth and thus easily winning), and the Hunky Jesus Contest with “Baby Jesus” portrayed by Mark Root in nothing but a diaper, crown of thorns, and baby bottle (which he squirted down his bare chest). The Sisters raised almost $4,000 for our charities.

    The wacky adventures of Edina and Patsy continue in Season Two of ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS running April through June at The Exit Theatre. Directed by Christian Heppinstall and produced by Royal British Comedy Theatre, the live performances perfectly ape Ab Fab TV episodes. It’s too late to catch the April shows, but May shows, Morocco and New Best Friends, are May 15th, 16th, 22nd, and 23rd, 8pm. The April main cast was raucous Edina (Terry McLaughlin), pill-popping boozer Patsy (ZsaZsa Lufthansa), uptight daughter Saffy (Dene Larson), ditzy Bubble & Magda (Raya Light), old Gran (Lisa Appleyard), and Sarah & Fleur (Ginorma Desmond). Exit Theatre is the perfect, intimate venue with images screened on the back wall. And to get you in the proper Ab Fab tipsy state, the actors serve you complimentary airplane bottles of Stoli, sweetiedarling! In the Hospital episode, Edina and Patsy make life hell for the nurses and staff. Patsy’s face peel is a frightening disaster. While anesthetized, Edina dreams that she’s on her deathbed and is receiving farewell visits from idealized versions of her family and friends. Which leads into the Death episode, where Edina’s father has died. Gran is taking it in her stride, Saffron is beside herself with grief, but Edina doesn’t seem bothered a bit. Eventually, the reality of the situation hits her: it dawns on her that some day she is going to die. Though banned from the funeral, Pats and Eddie still crash it, and drunkenly fall into the grave. Absolutely brill!

    BAREFOOT WINERY Ambassador RANDY ARNOLD celebrated 25 years bringing the delicious wines and champagnes across the nation and to 90 countries – many times for charity events, many being LGBTQ-related. Using his degree in wine marketing and bubbling personality, Arnold spreads cheer wherever he goes. Married to Greg in 2008, they make their home in Oakland but frequently retreat to Sonoma wine country. The LGBT Community Center threw a party for Arnold as a fundraiser for the Center. Center Executive Director Rebecca Rolfe spoke of her 12 years at the Center. Founders Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey told lovely stories of how Arnold has appealed to the queer community – working 3,000 LGBTQ/HIV/AIDS benefits just last year. Jennifer Wall talked about the joy of working with Arnold for 20 years, and mentoring new “Barefooters.” Gallo Wine CEO Joe Gallo also praised Arnold. Comic Marga Gomez did a very fun and funny standup routine about Arnold and Barefoot. Pride Parade President Gary Virginia thanked Arnold for all his work with the Parade Committee events, and Donna Sachet joined Gary in lauding Arnold for his participation in their annual Positive Resource Center Pride Brunch fundraiser. Arnold summed up his 25 years, saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”


    LAMBDA LEGAL presents SAN FRANCISCO SOIREE on Friday, April 17th, 6pm. Join Lambda Legal’s Bay Area Leadership Council for a fabulous night in San Francisco. The theme is HAVANA NIGHTSMojitos, Mambos, and More! Supporters will learn of Lambda Legal updates while enjoying a fantastic dinner among friends and supporters at the City View at Metreon, 135 4th Street. For more information, call (646) 307-7397 or

    Join LESBIAN/GAY CHORUS OF SF and others as they highlight the diverse musical styles of rock, popular songs, and classic repertoire to honor the loss of war and the beauty of peace in GUNS AND ROSES: SONGS OF WAR N’ PEACE. LGCSF continues celebrating its 35th anniversary year with this groundbreaking concert featuring works by hard rockers Guns n’ Roses, English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, the iconic John Lennon, Grammy-winning American composer Eric Whitacre, 17-year-old choral composer Christopher Enloe, and more. April 18th, 7:30pm and April 19, 8pm, First Congregational Church, 1800 Polk Street.