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    Sister Dana sez, “Happy Belated LGBT History Month…”

    By Sister Dana Van Iquity, Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun —

    Sister Dana sez, “Happy Belated LGBT History Month! I’m sorry that we are two thirds of the way through, but we can still celebrate!”

    LGBT HISTORY MONTH is an annual month-long observance that also observes the history of related civil rights movements. It was founded in 1994 by Missouri high-school history teacher Rodney Wilson. LGBT History Month provides role models, builds community, and represents a civil rights statement about the contributions of the LGBTQ community. As of 2022, LGBT History Month is specific to Australia, Canada, Cuba, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    We were invited to the October 2 press viewing at the Kabuki Theatre of DICKS: THE MUSICAL starring Nathan Lane singing “It’s a Gay Old Life Being Queer,” as well as the wacky Megan Mullally as a bad mother and hermit confined to her home, Bowen Yang as God, and Megan Thee Stallion rapping away as the boss “bish.” Lyrics are by the writers and film stars, Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson. This is a wild ride from A24! It’s the gayest, filthiest, funniest, slap-stickiest, most politically incorrect, and downright wrong movie in a musical. It challenges both us free-thinking liberals and those far-right evangelicals. It won’t play well with mid-America but is perfect for San Francisco. Featured are two frightening creatures from the sewer and two homosexuals in incestuous love. It opened at the Kabuki and the Alamo Drafthouse on October 13.

    Israel was plunged into chaos on October 7 after the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a deadly land, air, and sea surprise attack inside the country, with fighters infiltrating the southern border and firing a massive barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip. This was on the Jewish holy day Shabbat and on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. Hamas terrorists took hostages—including entire families, the elderly, and young children. As of October 17, at least 30 Americans were among the dead and probably additional American hostages. The combined death toll, of those killed in both Israel and Gaza, has surpassed 3500 as of this writing. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has warned of “a long and difficult war” after the Hamas attack. I have to quote the late John Lennon of the Beatles who said, “War is not the answer.” War only brings horrific war crimes. This is now a crisis of human rights. This is also a very bad time for the House to allow a shutdown of the government and to block military payment and promotions. This has become the worst mass murder of Jewish people since the Holocaust. ISIS-level savagery. Brutality and utter evil! President Biden said we must refuse to be silent about the threat of anti-Semitism. “There is no room for hate in America!” he exhorted. The heartbreaking death toll numbers continue to climb higher and higher.

    To millions of Americans, meaningful access to medication abortion serves as a lifeline and a key to a healthier and better future. Medication abortion has been recognized for decades as exceedingly safe and effective—so safe that it presents a lower risk of serious complications than taking Tylenol, having a wisdom tooth removed, using Viagra, or getting a colonoscopy. Attorney General Rob Bonta continues to fight for meaningful access to medication abortion as the case reaches the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Sister Dana sez, “The Judiciary Act would allow President Biden to expand the Supreme Court by FOUR seats. I know it’s said that Justice is blind. But does she have to take away human rights?!”

    BEAR WEEK started off with a roar and a growl at STRUT in the Castro with an awesome art reception on October 13 (Friday the 13th but not at all unlucky) for two terribly talented men, BEAR PAD. This burly duo is “a coupla fuzzy bubs who make a big, colorful art of cuddly, affectionate men,” (which I can assure you was straight from the bear’s mouth). BEAR PAD is actually Patrick Stephenson and Jordan Fickel. These impressive art pieces are large-scale wooden cutouts of intimate, loving bodies. Of course, one of my faves is “Bear Hug,” followed by “Bear Wolf,” the tattooed bear with an inked arm informing, “Bad Wolf, Good Pup,” and my third is “Satyr Datr,” with his devilish horny horns. You can catch these hairy hotties at Strut, 470 Castro Street.

    We Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and The Bears of San Francisco presented our 3rd annual BEARRISON STREET FAIR on October 14. Special props go to super co-producers Sister Desi Juana Dewitt and Erik Greenfrost! It was an exciting adventure, “Under the Big Tops,” where many facets of the SF Bay Area Bear community were celebrated and on display. We had some fun, naughty adult carnival games, live art including lots of big, wooden bear pieces by the aforementioned BEAR PAD artists, a drag contest hosted by Sister Roma, street performers, a wrestling stage, beard and mustache contest, talented “fag flaggers” with rainbow fans, twerking contest, Bear Woods, VIP Bear Garden hosted by Neft vodka (LGBTQ supporters with the smoothest voddie I ever tasted), DJs, a jockstrap power-lifting competition, plenty of merch, info, and leatheriffic stuff, and our main stage headed by MUÑECAS and way famous drag rockers such as Tamale Ringwald. Please note that Bearrison seeks to provide an inclusive community event for all members of the adult LGBTQ community, which promotes body positivity for all and builds a more supportive, welcoming, and inclusive bear scene by representing a diverse arena of cultures. Formed in 1994, the Bears of San Francisco is an all-inclusive community-based association that benefits the greater Bay Area through fundraising, service, and socializing. We’re always available for bear hugs!

    Our Krewe de Kinque social and fundraising group presents: REMEMBRANCE —benefiting RAINBOW HONOR WALK. Open Show, raffle, Jell-O Shots, $10 beer/soda Bust. Saturday, October 21, 4–7 pm, Midnight Sun in the Castro. The bar is decorated in a pirates’ theme, but you can choose whatever Halloween costume you want. Sister Dana in thematic rainbow nun drag will be the usual “door whore” collecting donations and such.

    Section 3 of the 14th Amendment prohibits anyone who has violated their oath of office, by engaging in insurrection or aiding in a rebellion, from running for federal office. Sister Dana sez, “We need to invoke the 14th amendment and ban this traitor Trump from California’s ballot! Also ‘Lock him up!’”

    My friend Mark Abramson with his new book, LAUGHING MATTERS, will be giving a reading on October 22, 7 pm at Fabulosa Books, 489 Castro Street. These are Abramson’s actual diaries from two years, starting on January 1, 2021. Come for the laughter and wine!

    Sister Dana sez, “Who is leading the House GOP? Your guess is as good as THEIRS!”

    SHANTI PROJECT reduces isolation, enhances health and well-being, and improves quality of life. They bring compassion, connection, and community to individuals facing inequities and barriers to care. Each year, Shanti serves more than 2,000 San Francisco residents. Their key services include care navigation, case management, client advocacy, emotional and practical support, health and wellness activities, one-on-one volunteer support, and community-building events and activities. Shanti’s 49TH ANNIVERSARY DINNER is Friday, October 27, 6–9 pm. For more details about their programs and services, visit

    Is there still more to the story of Edina Monsoon and her bestie, the vodka-swilling Patsy? SisterDanasez, “That would be ‘Absolutely Fabulous,’ sweetie darlings!”

    Sister Dana (aka Dennis McMillan) with Sister Roma (2020)

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (the WORST RFK ever) is officially out of the Democratic Primary and is running in the general election as an Independent. This selfish act will take away votes for President Biden and pave the way for another Trump presidency. SisterDanasez, “Hey RFK Junior, drop out of the race!”

    On Saturday, October 28, Senator Scott Wiener will be hosting his ANNUAL PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST. “We’ll celebrate the Halloween season, carve our scariest Jack-O’-Lanterns, and have our designs judged by my favorite celebrity drag queens, SF Drag Laureate D’Arcy Drollinger & BeBe Sweetbriar,” says the Senator. Noe Valley Courts (24th Street and Douglass Street), noon to 3 pm. All ages invited. Scooped-out pumpkins and tools provided. But don’t be a punkin-head by not RSVPing at 415-557-1300 or

    Don’t miss the HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST at the Castro Theatre on Saturday, October 28, 8 pm. COSTUMES GET IN FREE! Cash prizes awarded for the best costumes in the categories of SPOOKIEST, SEXIEST, FUNNIEST, and BEST OVERALL. There will be performances, special guests, and surprises. $5 ticket includes admission to a special screening of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! Proceeds benefit the Sisters and the Castro Merchants Halloween fund. The Castro Theatre welcomes us Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for what is sure to be a wild night of fun, scares, and plenty of spooky shenanigans! Live from the Castro stage, the Sisters will host a costume contest that is sure to bring out some of the coolest and most outrageous costumes you will ever see. Prizes will be given out to the best of the night, so be ready to cheer for your favorites!

    Sister Dana sez, “Happy HALLOWEEN on October 31! This is our Queer High Holy Day and must be celebrated. Dress up! Get in costume! Try a new look!”

    Words of Wisdumb from a Fun Nun
    Published on October 19, 2023